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Why is it so inconsistent?!

So ive been on the regimen for over 2 years now with much luck for the most part. I was 15 at the time and was completely clear for the first year of my use :) But now my skin is super unpredictable, i do the regimen exactly the same everyday but the results are always changing. For example: Up until a few days ago my face was completely clear for almost 2 weeks except for some small but persistent spots on my forehead. By now my forehead is completely clear but im getting breakouts on my chin and cheeks. (I havent had pimples on my cheeks since before starting the regimen!) So anyway, i just want to know why I have this occurence, sometimes im clear and ill continue doing everything exactly the same, but later on ill get breakouts again. Any ideas? Or anyone else with this problem?

P.S. just to clarify, my skin has ALWAYS been much better than it was before starting the regimen. These intermittent breakouts have never reached the severity of my initial problem

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I'm going to link you to our "having trouble" quiz and a few links for you to read through.

The most common mistake we see over time is people not using enough bp. Have you been slacking without realizing it?




I hope that helps.

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I appreciate the reply but i dont believe this to be the case. Several months ago i did in fact intentionally lower the amount of bp i used. The reason for this was that previously i used so much that it wouldnt all abosrb and would wind up balling up as i rubbed it in and it irritated my skin causing me to break out. When i lowered the amount i actually saw a great improvement for awhile. Its just lately that i started getting these random breakouts.

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Did you take the quiz and read the links? You didn't say in your reply.

Are you using the full amount of bp? If not, that would be my first recommendation.

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