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2 and 1/2 weeks without jackin' it.

I am a 17 year old male, a year and a half into the battle. My face is clear minus the jawlines and outer cheeks, which have moderate-severe acne. I have minor back acne. I am fed up with it.

Not going to waste time with a story. Nobody cares.

It has long been told masturbation is a very serious cause of acne. Dermatologists deny it, common American science has no hard links, and most call it BS. There are many first-hand accounts however that upon quitting the favorable activity, most or all acne on all parts of the body cleared up within two to three weeks. Most notable: individuals testifying this were people who found that no type of treatment, medication or supplement worked for them.

I have tried various medications and supplements, none of which have really worked. Vitamin E, zinc and fish oil help, but not much. The effects of all types of treatments, medications and supplements ultimately are unnoticeable and ineffective.

I will test the theory with 2 weeks and 4 days' abstinence. Log will be posted once a day.

Over and out.


Day 1

Stressed out most of today, due to acne. Felt tired and unmotivated throughout the day, as usual. I took a two-hour walk around the neighborhood out of boredom. Acne is worse on the right jawline than the left. Bumpy and red, and painful to touch. Small spots around the mouth. I tried not to pick at any of it or pop anything. I did use a facial cleanser this morning but it's never really helped much, any effect it's caused has been minimal. Acne hasn't really cleared up much at all today.

I had been masturbating once every five days prior to today and my face would always break out the morning after the night I did it. By the end of the 5th day, my face would be more clear, the spots would have faded from red to pink, and the bumps would be mostly flat. They wouldn't hurt upon touch.

I did it again last night, and what do you know - I broke out again this morning. Coincidence.

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I was under the impression it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for a pimple to form - if thats the case then it will take longer then 2 weeks to see results.

Personally I think high levels of stress would be more to blame, especially as that can be sustained for a long period of time.

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weird that it only takes 1-4 days for me to see pimples coming up from eating ice cream or pizza.

Or when I drink just water, only water for a week or 2 and no pimple forms.

Or when I eat the safe non acne causing mean only 1 times a day with just water, my face clears really well the following days after. Then I start eating "stuff" and pimples start forming....

So to me, it takes less than a week to see things forming.

Now with body stuff like masturbation, well. Maybe it can do that delay 2-4 weeks dealio.

Thing is, I masturbated/had sex, during the times above and nothing happened..

no edit I see so ......

mean = meal.... above

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