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Accutane Log Started - (9/27/09)

Hey so i took my first capsule of Claravis earlier today. I'm a 130lb male and am starting at 40mg a day. I was up in the air about starting a log but i figure it will be a good way for me to keep track of how I'm responding to it. I'm gonna do my best to keep updating as often as possible.

I've read quite a few different logs and all the accutane FAQ's, precautions, etc. so i know what to expect. I still have to pick up some of the supplies so far i have some moisturizer i found and a chapstick. Not exactly an expert on moisturizer lol but I've read through some of the recommendations and going to see what i can find at my local store.

Day 1:

-Don't know if its possible to be feeling effects already, but feel like my eyes are dry maybe it's just from doing so much reading on accutane at the computer today :wall:

-Also drinking alot of water, i normally drink alot but today my mouth just seems to be constantly dryer like I'm on an excessive amount of caffeine. Anyway some of this may just be in my head, too early to tell. That's about it for today.

One of my main concerns besides an initial breakout, is how it's going to impact my exercise program. I currently lift around 4-5 times a week and from what i read (muscle aches/joint pain) it seems like accutane is going to make it difficult to continue at this pace. Does anyone know if the healing of muscles is actually slowed down by accutane? or is it just achiness from use? Hopefully i'll be lucky enough to not experience any of these but we'll shall see soon. Anyway good luck to anyone who is currently on a course or just starting one, hopefully this drug is everything's its hyped up to be (in a good way).

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Day 3: Everything is going pretty good so far. Nothing major to report, did wake up with a bit of headache today but not sure what caused that. Went to the gym and still had a good workout, we'll see how the soreness is.

On another note i'm not even a week in and i realize this not drinking thing is going to be alot tougher than i thought. I'm a college a kid beer flows like water lol. I'm gonna do my best though. I'm curious of other peoples experiences of drinking while on accutane?

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Thank you, I hope you get everything going tomorrow. I know the wait sucks so does this first week actually- kinda too anxious lol.

Day 4: I know it's still early for any significant changes or side effects but the more i keep updating the better i can keep track of things. Only thing i'm noticing is how oily my face is at the end of the day (was in class all day). It's amazing considering this stuff is supposed to eventually minimize oil production, i guess it's getting everything out or could just be because I'm no longer using any topicals hmm. Anyway i guess i haven't mentioned the condition of my skin really. I think i may be starting to see some result of an IB. When i started the treatment my face was actually better than usual, i was having a "good" week or two using lots of retin-a and my other topicals(which almost caused my derm to turn me away). However, now i'm starting to see everything that was deeper under the skin come to the surface :(. Hopefully this will be a quick process, but i have a feeling these next few weeks are really going to suck. The only other odd thing is my head feels different, i don't really know how to describe it but it feels like "heavy." Not sure if anyone else knows what I'm talking about. That's it for today going to go relax and watch a movie, might not update again until the end of the week but we'll see.

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Day 8: One week without drinking! I mean one week of accutane completed lol. So first week down everything is going alright in terms of side effects. Just lips are little dry and been waking up with some dried up blood on them. Think it might be from my gums? Not quite sure though. I chose to stay in most of the weekend due to the IB and i know it will be easier not to drink if I'm not around it. Made it to the gym 4 days this week so nothing holding me back yet. That's about it i got a ton of work i have to get to, probably going to cause me to get very little sleep which i hate cause stress + lack of sleep = terrible for your skin and body for that matter :(

Products Used(Saw this on another blog liked the idea):

-CVS Chapstick (have some better stuff on reserve)

-Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion w/ soothing oat essence (using it only on my body still little nervous about putting moisturizer on my face as its been very oily)

-Face Wash w/ 10% Benzoyl Peroxide (Not sure if i should be using this but as i said face is currently oily)

-Retin-a (used it for the first time last night just to hopefully speed along this IB)


Thanks El Violador

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Day 10 (First blister pack down): Keep waking up with bloody lips :eh:, guess it might be time to try the aquaphor out. My skin is not looking that great right now, lots of stuff popping up here and there, hoping this will pass soon. I've come to the conclusion there's two solutions for this temporary problem: girls have make-up and guys just don't shave lol. I'm going the no shaving route, though i can't really grow a very good beard so i'm starting to look pretty grungy :doh:. I guess guys could do make-up too but i barely know how to work my way around a moisturizer bottle :lol:. Other side effects not too bad, scalp is a little dry and nose is also dry but haven't needed to use anything for that yet. Never had the greatest focus in class but i feel like I'm spacing out a little more now (probably just too much on my mind). In other news it's squat day so let's see how my joints are holding up ;).

Products Used:

-Aquaphor (starting today)

-Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion w/ soothing oat essence (what other moisturizers are good i feel like this has too much stuff in it, i want simple!)

-Face Wash w/ 10% Benzoyl Peroxide

-Retin-a (using this scarcely on troubled spots that i want to go away quicker)

-Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops

-Fish Oil Capsules about 3-4 a day(used before accutane and am continuing to use)

-Water (I drink water almost as much as i breath)

Acne.org questions

website clock is not set to my timezone?

<- couldn't get avatar picture to work?

or signature to work?

is it cause i'm a new member or just retarded? can anyone help with this?

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Been away/busy for a few days, but got alittle free time now so time to update.

Day 17: Seen quite a few changes these past several days. Side effect wise my face has turned red its not that bad though just looks like i got some sun. Of course my lips are extremely dry all the time. Oily skin has stopped and now its the complete opposite my face is so dry I'm shedding. I'm doing my best to combat that with moisturizer but its not easy. I definitely do not enjoy moisturizing, i feel like i never know how my skin is going to react and think its going to cause breakouts but I'm pretty sure I'm just paranoid. I have slight lower back pain which i noticed yesterday for the first time, but its not too serious and i still made the gym today. The most annoying thing is tiredness/dry eyes. I don't know if its cause my eyes are dry and that's making me want to close them or i am just actually tired - it is very confusing. Not to mention i look like i'm stoned all day long cause they're so red lol. I don't really mind it, but just doesn't look good when your sitting in class like that :doh:. As far as my skin goes think i'm showing some improvement. Not as much popping up right now or at least that's noticeable, i can still feel some stuff that's under the skin. Gotten a few big whiteheads that i can't help but pick at. My chest and back probably seeing the most improvement, they weren't that bad before just not smooth. and now they are both starting to "smooth out" its nice, im liking it. Oh yea if i could get an IV hooked up for while i sleep that b great because when i wake up in the morning the dryness is ridiculous feels like i haven't drank water in years when i first wake up. That's about it see my derm a week from now, so i'll get to see how my blood tests are going.

Products Used:

-Aquaphor (def helps for dry lips but seems to wash away quickly if you eat or drink)

-Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion (use on face)

-Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion w/ soothing oat essence (for body)

-Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops (not sure i'm liking these might try something different)

-Fish Oil Capsules

p.s. still not a drop of alcohol i'm staying strong, it hasnt been easy though its football season for crying out loud lol

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I'm pretty light and also take some other medications which my derm was a little concerned about so i'm guessing 60mg, not certain though. I'd be fine with 60 as i imagine the side effects have to be a bit more manageable.

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