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Chin Wars

Hi All. I'm new to posting in this forum, so please bear with me.

Over two months ago I was prescribed an oral corticosteroid to combat an allergic reaction I got to a moisturizer I used to use. Well, I'm on birth control and when you mix that with oral corticosteroids, it increases the toxicity of corticosteroids. Not only did this give me perioral dermatitis, but increased chin acne as well.

I saw a new derm on September 10 who diagnosed my condition and told me to take 100mg of Doxy daily and to use Ziana topical gel. Ziana works well against micropapules, but I think it sorta screwing with hormonal pimples. Even on birth control, I will get the occasional pimple on my chin (I take a triphasic pill) that dries up and goes away after three days when treating it only with topical retinoids. Anywho, the past week I've been alarmed and watching with eager anticipation over this (what I call) macropapule that just seems to keep growing bigger and bigger. :shock: I have pictures to show you in case you are wondering.

My questions related to this "marcopapule" are, is this a cyst? I've never had cysts before. Although this "macropapule" does not hurt to the touch and is not "hard" when I press my finger up on it. It does hurt if I press it with a q tip, but so does every papule I've had in the past.

Second, what can I do to treat this? I plan on icing it tonight to reduce inflammation, then applying ziana gel at night. I will use sulfur/resorcinol to dry the "macropapule" during the day. The kind I have is pretty good in that it's tinted and therefore reduces redness.

Or, should I just keep an "eye" on it and if it gets wore, call my derm?

I need advice because I'm sort of in a bind here. This perioral dermatitis business is not fun stuff. Plus everyone on here at acne.org are really nice and helpful.

I've included the images to this thread. They are titled according to the day I took the picture. Day 12 & Day 17 (which was today). Thanks!



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Wow, am I the only one who reads this thread? LOL

Anyhow, I don't think what I have on my chin is a cyst. I iced it last night then applied Ziana gel and saw that it got smaller the next day (today, that is). See below for picture.

During the day, I applied sulfur/resorcinal (is that how you spell it?) to help dry it out. Not sure if it's smaller in size this evening, but I could feel a the pustule forming as I was washing my face in the shower.

Yes, I know it doesn't make sense to obsess over a pimple, but this one is HUGE folks and I've never experienced one like this before. As in, I've never experienced a macropapule that just kept growing bigger and bigger after applied only Ziana gel at night. I guess the Ziana was killing off the bacteria at night, but then the bacteria was playing catch up during the day. Ah well. I know this pimple is hormonal. Usually with the regular retinoid, the pimple would dry out after three days and I could pop/drain it and apply make up the next day. These type of homornal pimples would never come back. But that's another story. Anywho, some pictures are provided for your viewing entertainment.




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Hmm, so I'm thinking of turning this thread into a log. I don't want to open another one when I have this one already. It's going to be a crappy log (but with pics) that I'll keep for my own amusement. Feel free to comment as you wish. Now I have to go and contact a moderator to move this thread to the appropriate place...

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Weirdest pimple on my neck ever. What is that?! :eh:

Heh. I went ahead and dabbed some retin A on it, .05. We'll see how it looks in a day or two. Pic included. Also included is an update on my chin. :dance:

Yes, I am a weird one. I just HAVE to keep myself occupied. My job is good, but not the most interesting thing in the world.



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I have had perioral dermatitis on and off since my teens and I'm in my 50's now. It is awful and I feel for you. Two things that have cleared it up for me: tetracycline at the start (immediately) and until it ends AND the most important part is stay away from products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. There are also sites you can "Google" for people with this terrible problem. Also, get on www.essentialdayspa.com forum and search under acne. There also have DIY recipes for your acne. Good luck! I'm on this site to help my daughter with a bad breakout and came across your message.

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Okay, so I haven't posted on this log for a while because I'm forcing myself not to. I don't want my skin to be the center of my life. During the time I started this log I was starting up treatment for perioral dermatitis. Before then, I only had one or two pimples that'd crop up the week before my period. I'm on birth control btw. Anywho, the hormonals I could deal with, but since getting PD, I've had to change around a whole bunch of things. Like, for instance:


Morning: wash with purpose cleanser

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Moisturizer with SPF

Chin: clean & clear oil free dual action moisturizer (for my PD)

Mineral foundation for hyperpigmentation on my chin (used to be revlon concealer, but that's too heavy and drying for my PD)

Evening: wash with purpose cleanser

clean and clear dual action moisturizer

Ziana gel (for my chin)


+I try to work out three times a week (jogging)


+some yoga in the mornings before work

+try to eat more fruits and vegetables

+no dairy or limited diary (it's hard to deny my love for cheese!)

+limited sweets (good for me because I don't have a sweet tooth)

+no caffeine

+I drink TONS of water (my boyfriend calls me "Tinklesaur")

+I try to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep EVERY night

+spend time with friends and family

+try not to think about my skin (although this is hard)


+ Ortho lo BCP

+ 100mg Mondox (until PD is cured)

+ Aleve (during ovulation/pre-menstrual time)

Did I mention I HATE pill popping? I liked it when all I had to do was take the BCP. Now that I'm on antibiotics (AGAIN!), I make sure to eat yogurt at least once a week to prevent from getting a yeast infection. I'd get those before when I was on antibiotics for my acne.


But I really can't complain you know. Most of the time my skin is about 99.5% clear. Today it's about 98% clear and it seems the PD breakouts have lessened. (I've been on antibiotics for over a month). When things clear up, my derm says he'll taper me off the Monodox and keep me on Ziana. I DO NOT want to be on antibiotics forever. I hate taking antibiotics. Blech. Every time I pop a mondox, I get nauseous, but I make sure I drink TONS of water. I may eat some water-based fruits with it too since you have to take it on an empty stomach. But I find my nauseousness goes down if I take Mondox with some food.

Oh well. For anyone who's reading this crappy blog, do you have any suggestions on mineral makeup? I am now using the Merle Norman loose powder foundation for my chin and although it works well, my chin gets oily and the powder "fades". I'm thinking of trying Aubrey Nicole concealer since it has kaolin clay, which is good for soaking up your oilies.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. I'd be happy to hear about them. Also, liquid concealers and foundations are too strong for my skin right now. Especially my chin. I get dry skin and mineral makeup seems to be the most gentle of the two (i.e., liquid vs mineral) options.



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Okay, so I went to the dermatologist today for a follow-up to my perioral dermatitis and acne. He says things are looking great with the Mondox and Ziana combo. He want to keep me on Mondox for another two/three months and hopefully taper me off. He says Ziana takes time to work and I will need the internal antibiotic to help speed up the healing process.

I will definitely stick this out. I just need to take it one day at a time.

I know this log was supposed to be for my hormonal acne. I am working on something right now that will help prevent my hormonal pimples from cropping up. I will get back to you all regarding this to see if there are any results. So, we'll see. Just taking things one day at a time. That's really all you can do...

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