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Everything stops working after a while

I have moderate acne. Everything I've tried has stopped working after a few months or more of using it. Even Dan's regimen stopped working after 3 years - my skin was almost completely clear (I've always had at least a few pimples and have never really been clear), then I broke out and after 5 more months of using the regimen, nothing changed.

I've tried so many things that worked great, but after months of seeing results and not doing anything different, it's like my skin builds up a tolerance to them, I break out, and they just stop working. Example - the last thing I tried was apple cider vinegar. It nearly cleared my skin after 3 weeks and kept me almost clear for a few more weeks. Then I broke out, and it wouldn't clear my skin anymore. I kept using it for 3 months and saw no improvement.

This is so frustrating. It happens with everything... once I break out the product doesn't help me anymore. I'm scared to see a derm because I feel like this will happen with everything they give me and I'll just have to keep going back. I'm not sure if maybe I should keep rotating products that worked at first? :think:

Has anyone else had this problem?

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OK i do not know this would work for you but it worked for me. I tried almost all natural remedies and even some creams but didnt do much. Oatmeal helped alittle but so far the best one yet was green tea leaves. Heres what i did.

Take a tea bag that is green tea and rip it open so you can get the leaves out. Once you got the leaves, mix it with toothpaste ( I used Aquafresh extreme clean which is orange and white and remember to use a paste) and for the tea i used pure green tea which is called lipton. So i mixed those 2 together and after i put on my face for 15 mins my face was so clean and fresh that even after i worked out at the gym with all that sweat my face was still clean and not oily and it also reduces pimple sizes and redness. I know it sounds wierd to make a mask out of toothpaste and green tea but it worked great for me but you should test it on a small area first to see what happens and becareful because it stings so bad! and try drinking green tea everyday it may taste wierd but its really healthy for your skin. Hope i could help and give me some feed back on how it went thanks.

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