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Need opinions on Cleanser and Moisturizer


Basis all clear


Basis vitamin bar


Basis sensitive skin


Dan Kerns cleanser

Moisturizer: (doesnt matter if its spf or not for me)

Aveeno Ultra calming


Dan Kerns moisturizer

My regimen is Cleanser->Moisturizer in the morning

and then Cleanser->Moisturizer->Tazorac gel at night

If there are better products than these feel free to let me know

Thank you all in advance!! :confused:

and if it helps.. i have problems with blackheads, whiteheads, and small cysts


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Basis all clear ) if you have OILY skin, perhaps it's good. It's pretty high in alkaline so if you do not have very oily skin, I would pass on it. I read 9.7 PH for this bar and it's smell is not good.

or Basis vitamin bar or Basis sensitive skin or

Dan Kerns cleanser ) I tried this and I didn't care for it. I don't think it dried face, I would use this over the others you listed. I use Ponds cream that has Mineral Oil in it at night. Then I use something that washes my face after I wake up in shower that doesn't make skin dry(I don't remember the name, it was expensive but will replace with CeVere face wash since it's pretty similar) but with the mineral oil on, it helps in not making my skin feel dry or flake. I tell you why on lotion part.

Hrmmm, you seem to put all Basis bars here. Why not buy them all and see what you like. I never used any of them and will not either.

Moisturizer: (doesnt matter if its spf or not for me)

Aveeno Ultra calming

(looks to have good reviews, people say that it has a not so good smell to it. I would prolly agree, usually SPF moisturizer's smell is bad. Right now, what I use is Complex 15, it's VERY light, so if you have very dry skin, it might not be for you. I have dry skin and I use it, but because I wash face with something like I said above. It doesn't "brake lol" me out or smell bad. And it doesn't make my face look oily like most things do. I have like 600$ worth of lotions that I don't even use because they're just awful. I'm one of those that try it, if hate it, get something else. Reason why I said why not buy em all and see what you like best.


Dan Kerns moisturizer ( I tried but leaves my skin oily looking. BLeh)

"and if it helps.. i have problems with blackheads, whiteheads, and small cysts"

Ahhh, problem with blackheads. What I do every week is I use a aspirin honey mask and add in a steam facial in the sametime.

Well, basically, you get 3 asprin (the one that's not coated to make you swallow easier), put 9 drops of water, 3 on each. Then break the asprin apart.

Well, I give you a link so you can follow easier.

Then I add it on cleansed face. Then go to a pot with steam for 3 minutes. Then I quickly go to the bathroom and rub face in a circular motion and usually the blackheads are not there and my face feels a lot smoother. Then I add the Ponds cream for night time.

Here I give you a link for it.

Well I see a different one from her... She has cool mask videos.

I never tried this, but seeing this, I might try it. I never liked ACV since I use to drink that crap and the smell was awful. lol

But this is the thing I was talking about

You'll see that people use more water, some use less water. Some do 3-5 mins, some do 10-15 minutes.

I do 3-5 minutes and go to get face steamed. In the same time. Since all you need is ~3 mins for facial steaming to open pores.. But I might add more water, I thought I wasn't suppose to have water, but it'll be easier to spread on face and have less mess.

Complex 15


I use this for daily. I'm replacing it with this though.


and the ponds cream with CeraVe's cream. So lotion and cream from them. After my cleanser is gone, I'll get their face wash too if this is actually good.

I don't know how they will work but I heard good things from it.

Also, I seen this.


Yeah some makeup removing thing. Well I read comments on it and I seen someone use that 1st and then exfoliate with a scrub. I think I might do that in between those masks. (Sunday use the aspirin mask thing with steam, then Wednesday night or Thursday morning use the ponds and exfoliate) Some people avoid these because it has "mineral oil" in it. Cosmetic grade mineral oil is fine though. But it's heavy and should only be used during the nights. But this thing is a "facial wash thing" lol...

Here's a comment about it.

"""USe this product on a clean face. Rub copious amounts of it in circles on your face and neck and massage in circular motions. Rub this way for 5 minutes and then clean face with cotton pads. Then use face scrub (e.g. St. Ives) and rub scrub in circular motions for 3 min. Finish off with toner and you hae your own facial treatment at home. I do this weekly and I wear NO make up and get compliments on my skin tone and glow. - by Fuzz wuzz""""

I don't like toners or anything like that, but I might give that one a try on the 1st link to that video. Since she say do it at night, well that helps. :D

But I'm buying this though, usually I hate them all and after 1-4 uses, I quit using it.

But this seems promising.


Now, my face is oily. Or at least I think it is. So I treat my skin as being oily forever and my face flakes. And well, it has always done so. So I'm think I should treat it as dry. But I make sure to exfoliate, it helps majorly.

So I do this.

Wash face with whatever, usually something with S.Acid just to use it since I have a couple of em. Put that ponds cream at night. Wake up, wash with light soap. Put complex 15 on.

Done.... Then during night again, I repeat.

Oh, for whiteheads, if you feel the need to "pop" them.


Use that stuff. Usually, if I have a few tiny looking ones, I just poke it and it's done with. No squeezing at all.

But I would go to Wal-Mart since you can get like 250 of them for 4bucks or something like that. (last me over a year)

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