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ok i dont really break out much anymore :)! woo.

i dont get inflamed acne spots so what must i do now to get "perfect" skin?

saying that i can feel a cyst deep on my mouth above the lip :( grr. probably night of drinking didnt help


i used to get oily forehead but after changing my diet i have normal to dry skin. i have dry skin thats easily irritated on my cheeks, which is the offending area. i sometimes get white heads clogged pores etc on my temples and forehead and cheeks/ jaw line.

i cant even put e45 on my skin it as it burns!

i have read into this AHA stuff and it could be the answer to clearing up my red skin and hyperpigmentation marks. but i am thinking it could be to harsh on my skin :(

argh im so lost with all this that its easier for me to just grin and bear it :(:).

what product can i get hold of that will help me with my skin patches :(


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AHA is wonderful stuff. It can be irritating at first, especially if you have sensitive skin or apply it too often. Much like retinols, apply it once every three or four days for a couple of weeks and then slowly work up to an application of two or three times a week. I think you'll like it. It has really helped to exfoliate dead skin and even out skin tone.

eta: I use Dan's AHA+. You get a lot for your money, but there are local AHA lotions in drug stores. There's a popular one in a red box. I think the name is Hydrox? Someone please correct me if this is not accurate.

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Lactic acid is a good AHA and is relatively gentle, even for sensitive skin. I use LA a lot and it works really well. I use a peel form from MUAC.

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ok there is some really great info in the pinned bit so i have been reading it all day!

lactic acid seems the best way to go to start with at least.

how does it handle current spots/white heads?

also do you apply it to the whole cheek area or just on the hyper pigmentation marks?

many thanks in advanced

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It handles current pimples on my face really well. It seems to stop it right in its track. I apply it to my whole face. Be aware you may experience a small breakout.

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