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Im a totally different person

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When i am clear and my skin is all nice and everything I seriously act sooo different than when i have acne my freinds think its like really wierd. like when i have clear skin, im all happy and loud and outgoing and when i have acne i am really really quiet and really awkward. gosh i with i NEVER had acne, liek i think we would all be so different if we never ever had acne and we all had nice skin. like when a person with nice skin complains about something, i mean ANYTHING i feel so angry cause i think to myself "if i had nice skin liek her/him I would just be happy all of the time" omg i am wierd. :P

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Nah, you're not weird. A lot of us are the same way. When I had bad breakouts I would retreat within myself, too. I thought if I kept quiet and didn't bring any attention to myself then people wouldn't notice all of the blemishes. Silly, but it was a coping mechanism.

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me too...it's really weird and makes me feel like shit...because i know my potential in social situations, but i've also hit rock bottom in socializing at different points in my life...and it sucks.

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