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Hey all, i'm actually on day 18 of my accutane and considering I just found these boards I thought it might be time to get some advice. So far, the only side effects I am having are dry scalp, skin, eyes and lips and this strange soreness in my lower back.

I've had acne since I hit puberty, and now at 23 years old it seems to have just gotten way worse. I would classify my acne as moderate, although certain times it gets worse and I get painful cysts. When you look up close though, I have tons of blackheads and these strange bumps that are just the color of my skin. I have been on tetracycline (which gave me double vision), different types of BC pills, doryx, and various types of topicals like retin-A and differin. Finally, my derm has decided it is time for accutane.

I'm a female and I weigh 135 lbs. My derm has prescribed me 40 mgs a day. I was under the impression that this was the most one could be on, but on here I see that some people have 80 mgs a day. How do doctors dose accutane? By body weight or severity of the acne?

What should I take and not take when on accutane? I am taking fish oil as I heard this was good to be on, and I know that Vitamin A is not supposed to be taken. What vitamins should I take? Also, I sometimes take 10mg of ambien once or twice a week when I can't sleep. Is it okay to keep taking that?

One more thing: I just recently moved and I have to go to a new derm. Are most derms okay with accutane? I have this fear that my new doctor will not prescribe me accutane.

That's all I have for now! I can't wait to start seeing clear skin. All the great logs on here are giving me hope!

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I haven't seen much consistency with dosing - factors - severity, weight, tolerance, aggressiveness of derm, etc. I started at 40 (wgt 90) but couldn't handle it. stopped then went back on 30mg, then upped it to 40 again, then to 50.

I'm on day 95, so maybe you can get some tips from my experience. wish i was told to get my teeth cleaned prrior to started. no way could i do it now due to severe lip issues. i am using toddler toothpaste and brush due to my lip issue. now use babywash on my face. must drink w/a straw and drink over a gallon of water a day..i'm always so thirsty. use dr dan's for lips (VERY often), clotrimazole cream for corners (few times a day) , aquaphor up nose twice daily. Only wash hair 2-3 times a week (used to be once or twice daily). and use head and shoulders then conditioner.

sounds like you know to stay away from vit A. I was taking fish oil but derm told me to stopped as it appears she thinks some of the major issues were attributable to it. but I think it depends on the brand of the fish oil. I take 2 vit E's a day to get the max. Take highest biotin, probiotic, vit C, vit D. Also use Refresh moisturizing drops for eyes.

I use both benedryl and 5 mg (or more) ambien at night....on a daily basis.

Good luck with your journey!

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