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Uncloggged my nose pores today (w/ a syringe).

Okay here's something interesting I did today...before I begin let me just quickly give my regimen...I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Wash (with Microclear now) as my face wash, Clean n Clear Oil Free Moisturizer (with sal. acid), and at night BP 4%. Alongwith that not very frequently but from time to time I use Panoxyl 5 bar after fashing with my face wash and then heavily moisturizing. Okay so with this regimen I rarely break out...only once in a while if I'd mess up my sleep...or I had a plug that got irritated and inflames but other than that I stay clear.

Now before all of this...I used to put those blackhead strips on my nose which wouldn't get much blackheads out but i'd see white plugs on the strips afterwards which I thought was satisfactory since I'd not have that many blackheads anyway. But since earlier this year or perhaps even before that i'd stopped using these strips because they're very harsh...and I wouldn't use them because they might irritate my nose and eventually cause acne due to disturbance of the skin.

It was going all fine until about a couply o' weeks ago that I started noticing huge pores on my nose and I new they were filled with oily plugs(almost year old) and what not and since I use BP and there's no chance of any p.acnes bacteria forming from it since it can't survive in oxygen rich pores. So I was hesitant on using those strips even though part of me was saying to go thru it and whatever happens i'll see about it.

I'd also recently started using this Garnier Pure Sal. Acid gel on those huge pores to clear them out and I think it did its job...while taking shower today not ten minutes into it...I noticed that the pores were different sorta like I could tell 'its time'...I insert a finger in my nose like picking my nose (not the pimple popping method, I religiously avoid that)...and pressed it out from inside and these oily semi-solid plugs starting ejecting out of the pores...although it wasn't working that great...so I was scratching my head thinkin how the hell do I get these out cause they were lose and I didn't wanna leave them inside to clear away by themselve. And so I was thinking how how how...then I thought hey I have this fresh syringe(3mL one), if anything else could be more sterilized...so I took it removed the needle and placed the tip on these pores and started suctioning them out and it worked so damn well. I literally saw huge holes from where I sucked the plugs out with the syring. Afterwards I washed my face applied BP and went to sleep.

Its one great method to get those plugs out but here's where one should be careful not so use at...which is the part of the nose where the nose bone ends cause that's one weak area and it bruises easily...I have white plugs there which didn't get sucked out but I'm left with a minor scar which I think is no big deal will go away in at most a week.

Anyways...so this was what happend today...I thought I should share it with you guys here.

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