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Short-lived Bumps

Lately I've been getting some bumps that are medium sized (sort of larger than a normal pustule), tender, soft (same meaning?), and sometimes unnoticeable. However, they disappear within hours. They appear within hours, too.

I just took a nap and found one of these bumps under my eye when I woke up. For some reason, they always pop up before I go to sleep, and have been twice under my eye. I have gotten around four for the past two months.

They have never caused me any problem. My first one disappeared during a bike ride. My second and third disappeared during a night of sleep. My fourth one hasn't disappeared yet, but I hope it does. They also seem to come during the weekend, which is when my acne is worst.

Any thoughts on what they are? Large, soft-looking bumps that pop up and go away really fast?

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I just started the acne.org regimen, and I just noticed some bumps on my right cheek. I can't really describe what mine look like. They almost look like the bumps in this picture, only more clumped together.

Could one of the acne.org products give us milia?

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The link I posted didn't work, but just google image milia. This is from the website dermadoctor -

"No doubt the most common reason milia form is from smothering your skin with heavy skin care products or hair care items"

Could that be the moisturizer? Seems like a cleanser wouldn't do that, and the BP would help prevent those, right?

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