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Long time since i've been around here...

So ladies and gents is it a good idea to use it to exfoliate or not?

I've just had a snoop round on the net and have found some very mixed reviews, some are saying its excellent and others are saying it totally wrecks the acid mantle of your skin?

If it is bad they do people have any suggestions for alternatives (my skin defo benefits from exfoliating a few times a week)?

I have actually managed to get my skin about 98% clear in the last months through changes in my diet so i will stick a post up here explaining when i get more time :)


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So a quick splash of apple cider vinegar diluted in water will do the trick?

How about using rice flour to exfoliate?

I don't know the PH of rice flour. Although tap water alone is usually slightly alkaline so an acidic toner is always a good idea.

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Ok cool thanks..

As i mentioned my skin has cleared up tonnes in last 3 months through changes in my diet but i also noticed its got very dry the last couple weeks do you think it could be because of the baking soda thing??

Other than that i'm thinking maybe its the supplements i've been taking and maybe i should have a break from them or change them? I take every day:

zinc 15mg

MSM 750mg

Calcium 800mg & Vitamin D 5 micrograms

Cod liver oil (156 mg of omega 3) and evening primrose (40mg) with added vit A (800 micro grams), D (5 micrograms) & E (10mg)

Teaspoon of Barley grass

I didn't actually realise til a couple days ago the oil supplement had those extra vitamins in it!

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