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Should I quit Retin A Micro?

been on it since the middle of july.

no improvement really.

just made my nose kinda red.

still pimples in t-zone

starting to really piss me off.

i definitely have had my IB

when does it start to improve?!?!



and if you say quit, what should i use? (no topical prescriptions if i can avoid them!)

(oh, and i have mild acne, oily tzone, dry cheeks)


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No no no...keep going. It took 2 months 3 weeks for me to start seeing any difference, but my face totally cleared up. I went from having 3 new pimples a day to one every 2 weeks. And they're no longer the big, ugly, pus-filled ones. Also with time, providing you stay out of the sun and take really good care of your skin (do not load it up with other products), Retin-A Micro will also fade acne marks, smoothen wrinkles, and improve skin tone. I am beginning to see some of this difference.

But you have to make sure you stick to these guidelines precisely. Unless told by a doctor/derm, and unless you are using other topicals, apply the Retin-A just before bed. As for the following, I would follow them even if a derm told you otherwise:

•Do not use any medicated cleansers/moisturizers, such as those with salicylic acid, BP, AHA, glycolic acid, etc.

•Do not use any form of exfoliation at all when on Retin-A, chemical nor physical, as it thins your skin and Retin-A is already an exfoliator.

•I would use ONLY either Cetaphil or, if in Canada, Spectro Jel as my cleanser. Many other cleansers (almost all), although they say they are gentle, they still contain irritating ingredients which make damage your skin while on Retin-A.

•After washing skin, wait 20 minutes before applying Retin-A.

•Use no more than 4 pumps, depending on face size.

•If you get acne on, say, your cheek, apply to entire cheek, not only the pimple.

•Moisturize, but only after 30 minutes or more has passed after application of Retin-A.

•Always wear sunscreen during day, and try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

Please post your exact regimen as is before you read this post, so we can guide you if you are doing anything slightly wrong. It's best to be as precise as possible when dealing with acne, and consistent, and get it out of your way. You cannot always hit-and-miss to see what is working; sometimes you must stick to something for a while before you decide to ditch it.

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You will see a lot of dry skin and peeling sometimes, but that is only the dead skin as a result of Retin-A's exfoliating action. Retin-A speeds up your cell renewal rate, causing more dead skin on the outer surface of your skin. Resist the urge to rub it out harshly of use an exfoliator; you have to be extremely gentle. This is why you need to moisturize.

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Try to stick with it, I've read on here it can take over 3 months to see real progress! I have been on RAM .1% for about 1.5 months, and it's starting to work, slowly.... I am going to stick with it, as I see improvement! Still getting pimples, but no longer huge cysts just little zits.... it's getting better!!

I agree with the above poster about the cleanser.... I only use Spectro Jel, it's great!

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Keep going!!!! It took me from 3 to 6 months to see a difference and now 10 years later still on Retin-A IM LOVING IT!!! Good luck :)

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