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I've been struggling with acne for a while. I've tried different diets, systems, treatments, medications, and supplements. Nothing has really worked. Recently, I've thought about trying a "ancestral" diet, one that contains only types of foods that my parents and grand parents ate. Growing up, I don't remember seeing any acne on my parents' faces. But of course I also was too young to look for it. I was talking to my dad the other day, he told me that he has always had some form of acne on his face, even now(age 51). It was somewhat of a downer for me, I suddenly realized that no matter what I try, it probably won't effect my acne, at least not in a good way.

This begs the question:

If genetics play a role in a person's acne, what natural things can they do to try and prevent it from occuring.

Never give up.

Peace and love.

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Genetics only count for a percentage in the odds of you developing any condition, the rest is what you do to yourself. Just like with diabetes and heart disease.

Genetics play a role in all of us.

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There's a good book called the "clear skin diet" or something close to that, written by a guy named Logan. It shows a list of all the factors that contribute to acne and genetics is one factor out of like 10. You should check out that book--really helpful.

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