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Heather Robin

15th day on 40 mg claravis

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so things are finally starting to look up as of right now(thank goodness) i called my derm yesterday to tell him how horribly bad i had broken out all last week so he decided to put me on Clindamycin, has anyone else used this as well? he said it should even things out..but i have also been feeling alot better i haven't really been breaking out besides like 1 or 2 little whiteheads and my face is looking like 75% better besides the redspots that i am able to cover up w/makeup pretty easily. My lips are very chapped and my skin is very dry as well..my nose is super dry..I got my first nose bleed today..but its also very dry in my apartment. soo thats about all for today! hope everyone else is doing well!

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never heard of clyravis. what is it?

but i have heard of clindamycin.

right now im using a clindamycin phosphate which is a liquid used for your face. its after the face wash. don't think it really helps that much but its better then other products. but if you have broken skin and this stuff goes in it. it burns haha.

so i would say try clindamycin phosphate. i think it like comes in other forms like creams and stuff.

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nope. im on a antibiotic. its called sulfameth ds. not a common antibiotic but it worked for me and is continuing to work.

im like scared of accutane lol. so im not going to risk taking that.

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Hey there...I am another Accutane user. I am in my third month (40 mg of Accutane). I haven't been hit too hard with side effects. If you don't mind me asking...how old are you? I am 36 and have struggled with skin issues for twenty years or so. It gets old.

Anyways, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on the medicine. It feels good to know I am not the only woman out there popping these Accutane pills. Hope it's all worth it in the end....

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ill be 23 on nov 1st..ive been struggling witth this though since i was about 14..enough is enough im sure you know what i mean..best of luck to you as well!! lets keep in touch!

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