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100% clear for a day..Try It

I'm a 19 year old guy, going to uni and working part time to pay off the ridiculous tuition at my school. My acne history may be considered generous compared to some members of this site since i've only suffered mild acne, which turned to moderate 1 year ago (some cysts). I went on accutane last year and i stopped after 4 months (40mg-40-80-80) due to some harsh side effects and low energy everyday. i was 2 months post-accutane when i got chicken pox which was a pretty harsh deal by god.

Now, before last year and accutane and becoming paranoid of my complexion i was pretty carefree and made new friends easily everyday in class. I wasn't afraid to look people directly in the eye during conversations and smiled A LOT more. Since having the acne paranoia, i've always THOUGHT people were staring at my terrible RED MARKS :redface: and judging me by them everytime i wanted to approach them. I've even avoided old friends to protect myself from hurtful things that they MIGHT say, which would be even more devastating to my self esteem. I acted like a ghost during the 1st week of school back and went straight home after school. I stress the words THOUGHT and MIGHT because M-O-S-T of the paranoia i have is unfounded and it shouldn't be a reason to abandon my life like this.

So for the past week i acted like my face was 100% clear and i was the person that i was before this whole accutane and acne rollercoaster. I looked people straight in the eye, and made at least 10 new friends in my classes. I know you're thinking "this doesn't help reality because you're faking it!" Well my point is, when you get past your paranoia, you'll begin to see that (even though people do glance at your acne marks and some jerks will make hurtful comments) it's only a big deal if you allow it to be and take over your life.

So please, try this for one day. Talk to that person sitting half a meter next to you in class, or a stranger waiting for the bus with you. Forget your paranoia for 1 day, and you'll begin to see that the biggest obstacle is not acne, but the way we allow it to take over our lives.

What keeps me going? I want to look back on these years of my life when i'm older and say: those were some tough times, but i got through them and don't have any regrets. Not: I wasted 5 years of my life and i will never be young again.

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LOL Andy Gray your joke made my day. But honestly, people need to try this for at least one day, especially those posting their "scars" in the scar gallery WHEN THEY HAVE NOTHING AT ALL!! IT MAKES ME ANGRY :wall:

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I was thinking about this today and you posted this is just amazing. I did exactly what you did and ive learnt that people don't really care about your face as much as you do. Everyone should do this.

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