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From the looks of it, the regimen pretty much solved your problem, eh? Well done.

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hey zoetrope!

this website i owe the biggest thanks to no doubt about it. to be honest, ive had a few issues personally with the reg in its pure form no thanks to my overly sensitive skin- but the bp/aha once a night supplemented with some other good products for the daytime (notably the 'nick lowe' stuff i mentioned wayyyy back in the log) has been a real revelation. It'd be perfect if i could get away with bp twice a day- the results would be foolproof- but im happy with the odd spot now and then...

even my sister (the biggest sceptic of all) is on the bp now and is seeing some huge results already.

Im 22, so moderate acne was starting to get to me...always found a way during my teens to get on with things and accept it as part of adolescence. But, as my friends grew out of it and mine persisted- the stakes became higher. Always remember at the age of 20 - a close friend of mine using handwash on his face with a cloth to 'wash' - no showers, treatments, moisturisers. nothing for the whole week- yet perfect skin. then there was me. terrible acne- worsened by the sun and beer. yet following a religious regimen with expensive acne cleansers and creams galore. its such a pain- not one for the whole 'its ruining my life' malarky - but at points in my past its been a hugely embarassing hassle. thats the best i can summarise it without succombing to the whole suicidal teen syndrome. bit of a sidetrack rant there- but you get the point im sure. just glad ive found something to keep it at bay for the time being.

Dans products are immense. Well and truly. The quality and value for money says alot about the guys character and good intentions when i can ship the stuff over for less than buying the same amount here in the uk. Bit of a dan worshipper i admit, but the guy is a legend.

no updates required since the last pics- my skin is pretty much the same. Il make sure to throw a few more weekly entries and pics in up until the magic 3 month mark.

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is day 48!


biggest log-lapse since the start. goes to show its working i guess.

by the way- the Boots spf is decent... No regimen moisturiser thats for sure- but good for all those, like me who fear (like me!) the dreaded comeodegenic 'suncreams'. Real easy to slap a layer in the morning worry free. Easily abosorbed and all that jazz.

not the most comprehensive of reviews i admit.

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Heya Tom! :D

How're things going on the regimen, and the AHA? I want to get AHA, and even more so after I read your one post about it. Did you change your moisturizer from the Olay, or did I read wrong?

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Day 52 - No real change - red marks still lingering...but improving each day.

had one or two spots since the last post- including one of note on my left temple, which i picked...again. Got quite swollen actually. Seriously need to stop with that.

Hey Vampireninja- good to hear from you again!

- its all going well thanks. Really pleased with the results of the reg- had to really stick it out until i found the balance with my skin allergies and all...

The AHA was great initially, and still is, so long as its not overused. Less is definately more with the stuff. I still sing its praises, but im weary to recommend it as a daily prevention treatment in itself as its so darn strong! I personally get the best results using a blob every few days (with a bit of moisturiser) to avoid any irritation at all. Wish i could use it more often, as i still maintain that bp and aha together works better for me than using bp twice a day.... Not only for spot prevention, but for my complexion in general (which isnt great at the best of times!) Hope i dont sound like im preaching- On the forums, loads of people report different results with the aha especially- some can use it twice a day without moisturiser, others not at all! definately each to thier own as they say.

Probably best to clarify where i am at this point...

Morn- Dove Extra Sensitive Soap to Cleanse

Nick Lowe Anti-Blemish Toner and Moisturiser (really quick and easy in the morning...)

Night-Dove Extra Sensitive Soap

Very Generous finger length of Bp

Olay sensitive moisturiser.

(+ Blob of AHA every few days.)

the olay- your right! i did give it up in the early stages. i began using the 'normal/combination' lotion (thats the pink one if i remember rightly) but it was wayy to greasy. The thing is i then switched to 'simple' and then eucerin (among others...) after reading good reviews from a few other members, with truly shocking results! so i had to switch back, but this time i tried the olay 'sensitive' lotion, which was much better. All the moisturising quality of the pink stuff without the breakouts and extra additives.

Hows it going with you? Have you been on the reg long? I was thinking of getting some jojoba (yet another expense i know...) - any thoughts?

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Hi again!

Well I'm glad that you got your moisturizer figured out for you. I was using Olay moisturizer a long while ago, before I went up to 2 finger lengths/pumps, and found out it wasn't working well for the flakiness control, so I switched and incorporated in jojoba (Desert Essence)

My regimen is still a work in progess, haha. I started in February, and I still experience problems if I don't follow it precisely. I'm doing swell right now, I have a ton of red marks, but I'll take those any day than having active acne. Oh, and I tested going off the regimen two weeks ago...bad idea. I formed pimples, and under the skin pimples instantly. It was really awful.

On the jojoba, I recommend it. It works really well for me, just an added measure for my flakiness. I don't want to have a flaky beard, haha. I guess it's going to have to be your call in the end though ^_^ I wish you well and success as always! Good luck!

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