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ok so you may have heard of it, people doing an anti candida diet etc

well here is a good link i read http://www.spiritofhealing.com/articles/ht...didaArticle.htm

maybe a lot of us have this, which could be causing the acne.

there are so many symptoms to "having candida" so how do you actually know you have it?

since a lot of us would have gone on anti biotics for extented periods of time, should we be worried about this sort of thing?

is it wise to go ahead and take an anti parasite tablet or something?

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I know some about this from a biologist's perspective. Everybody is covered -- head to toe, inside and out, with bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They usually don't make us sick, many of them help keep us alive. When you have an overgrowth of candida, you can have a skin rash, a mouth infection, or a genital infection. Candida is the fungi that gives dogs ear infections too.

But systemic candida infections are almost exclusively limited to people who have compromised immune systems and that means AIDS, cancer, and other serious illnesses. Period. If you have a systemic, clinically relevant candida infection, you are terribly ill. If you have a sub-clinical candida infestation, you're just another person because we all have that.

That being said, the things one eliminates on an "anti candida" diet may be problematic for other reasons. Some people have serious trouble with grains, sugar isn't good for any of us in large quantities, some people have trouble with certain fruits, or combinations of certain foods.

In my experience, Nature's Way makes very good probiotics, I've tried less expensive ones with lousy results. Some people really love the new yogurts with designer probiotics. Taking probiotics might help your digestive system and overall immunity. Might not stop acne. If it does, that would be great!

Good luck

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Interesting that someone posted a topic about this I knew about candida for quite some time because my mother an sister both suffered from it. Just recently I got together with my sister an she suggested that I may have a candida overgrowth, I thought it was limited to women but that's not the case at all. So I started doing more in-depth research an read the symptoms an realized I had a lot of them, they also have a spit test you can do to see if you possibly have a candida overgrowth an it came back positive. Started to read about this candida 'diet' which is insane in my opinion an you have to stick to it for so long an if you screw up once you basically have to start over again. I opted to go for the threelac route an see how that goes I get my delivery tomorrow an I am quite excited to see if this actually has any positive affect on me. Along with persistently oily skin also had eczema for a very long time an a lot of the other candida symptoms. Not saying this is going to be the cure but should be something acne sufferers definitely look into!

Spit Test for Candida:

As soon as you wake up in the morning before you put anything in your mouth, get a glass of water in a clear glass that you can see through. Don't use tap water.

Collect saliva in your mouth with your tongue and spit it into the glass.

Now keep an eye on your saliva in the glass for the next 15 minutes and observe what it does.

If you see any of the following, then it indicates the presence of yeast colonies:

* Your saliva stays at the top and you see thin strands that look like strings or spider legs extending downward.

* Your saliva floats to the bottom and looks cloudy.

* Your saliva is suspended in mid-air and looks like little specs are floating.

See the picture below for guidance.


This is where I got a lot of info on this subject for those interested in taking a closer look!


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So I started doing more in-depth research an read the symptoms an realized I had a lot of them, they also have a spit test you can do to see if you possibly have a candida overgrowth an it came back positive.

The problem with these symptoms is that they are so vague and general that the cause could be just about anything (including candida overgrowth). The candida spit test is not reliable. Most people will fail this test, even if they don't suffer from candida overgrowth. The only thing you might conclude is that if you pass the test you probably are OK. You need a blood test to establish if your candida levels are within limits. Probiotics may help to get rid of the overgrowth, but you should also eliminate the cause (antibiotics, metal toxicity, poor diet (too much refined flour, sugar, bad fats etc.)).

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yeah i failed that test (spit test)

i saw legs like spiders after 10mins ish.

but that surely cant mean its conclusive. i think i should have a word with my doctor and see what he says tbh.

ive been taking a very powerful pro biotic now for about 2 weeks. each tablet contains 8billion live organisms in comparison to 1million in a yakult...

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From my understanding its very hard to diagnose candida or rather a candida overgrowth, I am going to give this threelac stuff a try an see how it goes! I do have some of the symptoms they say are common for people suffering from candida but they could also stem from other problems. Basically I am trying this stuff an if I do not see much of an improvement health wise I can scratch it off the list but in my case I have a funny feeling candida is the problem!

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yeah well i went to the doc today,

he said acne and diet are not related there is no medical evidence to back it up.

also candida over growth is very unlikely only being on the softer anti biotics for few months (unlike accutane etc)

its all hormonal from what i gathered.

either way i have been taking a pro biotic every night and i was seeing huge improvements then tonight wen i shaved i realised just how bad my skin is. its HORRIBLE :(

it makes me want to go back onto anti biotics, but these are a quick fix for a long term problem.

so what shall i do now :( ?

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Well I took my first threelac yesterday an I was shocked by how amazing my skin feels today. Usually after 2-3 hours of showering my nose is an oil slick an today its bone dry, I did not even use any product just to see if it would have any effect an I can say with certainty it most certainly has!

An antibiotics are not the only contributors to a candida overgrowth but they are not good at all. If you have a diet high in sugar, carbs it will keep feeding the candida. I have been trying to wrap my head around why this stuff is perhaps working I don't want to get too excited but so far so good.

If you want you should try for a week or a couple of days a diet with NO SUGAR an when I mean no sugar that means none, I tried that last week an experienced what most candida sufferers say is die off. The candida is slowly starting to die because its literally being starved so all the gunk an garbage from the overgrowth is starting to break apart an enter the bloodstream. So the side effects are much more severe. I experienced really bad headaches, dizziness an fatigue.

Here is a link to a site that tells you which foods should be eliminated if you are doing a candida diet.


It seems kind of daunting but the product I am taking threelac allows you to maintain a normal diet while fighting your candida, the only products you should avoid are overly processed sweets. I think you should check into this an give it a shot an see how you feel you have nothing to lose an a lot to gain!

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thanks for that mate :)

well can i order threelac to the UK?

i heard pau d arco or what ever its called is good , you have it as a tea

since being on a healthy diet and taking my supplements

cod liver oil 1000mg

zinc 22mg

multi vit

pro biotics 8billion

niacin 100mg

my oily forehead is fine and my skin isnt oily anymore. if anything im slightly dry, where as before i had a multi complexion going on dry and oily

im getting confused by all these supplements and what i can or cant take with what :(

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