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Yesterday I had a mini breakdown I usually have them once every couple of months. I will look at my skin an cry about how I have let it run my life an have shied away from things because of it. I always tell people you need to find the good in everything but sometimes it can be hard to maintain that attitude when it comes to yourself. I have suffered from Acne since I was 15 years old...I am 24 now. My Acne for the most part is under control which I am thankful for, its the scars an blotchy skin that will always remind me of the trials I have gone through. It's hard time for me in my life, graduated from school do not have a job, living at home, never had a serious partner an a quarter of my life has gone by. But even though things seem pretty cruddy right now I just try to keep in mind things could always be worse.

When you feel like their is nothing left to fight for, their is always something. Family, friends, the pursuit of knowledge being able to help people an share your story. Over the past 9 years their were times I just wanted it to be all over no more pain or suffering. An than I remember the people who have to face extreme hardships an keep going with an incredible attitude. It does not diminish the struggle an fight Acne sufferers go through but people's stories are inspirational an makes me want to fight right along. Hardships build character an even though it may be hard at the time to see that, looking back I can appreciate what going through Acne has taught me an my on going battle with the after effects!

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Very inspiring. I think sometimes we need to remember that our acne shouldn't be the center of our life. It's only a meer spec of it.

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