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how long until i feel normal again

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well here goes - im finally putting it down ... my feelings out there on the web for everyone to read...

im 28 female and a mum of 2 children i work hard try to be as healthy as possible take care in my appearance bla bla bla i do this because from the age of 12 ive had acne (it runs in my family-dads side...thanks dad) it started as my body changed like every girls does i seemed to be the only one with spots in my year at school i used all different lotions and potion but nothing was shifting those mank painfull spots then they appeared on my back and arms i have sensitive skin so i am carefull with what i use. my mum took me to doctors who precribed zineret which cleared my face and arms so by time i was 17 i was just hiding my back which was not too much hard work and i only had the odd flare up in witer months and just sat in sun in summer for day or two to burn them out. i then had my children over the nxt few years and moved out of home so was too embarassed to ask my partner at the time to apply the zineret as i thought i had hidden my back well (it was only after we split he informed me he new lol )

so life carried on as normal covering back- sunburn bla bla then this year in march i had a massive break out why i have no idea ive not changed anything as im sensitive to most things so i stick to the few products i can use even down to toilet roll but here i was faced with huge open spots on my face breasts and thighs places i didnt realise you could get them as ive never really research acne before as i just thought it was normal and went away with age obviously to wake up with loads of these ugly spots i kinda freaked and went to doctors who after prescribing antibiotics doxycycline and lymecycline he finally refered me to a derm who instantly prescribed accutane i agreed as i work with a cosmetic surgon who had already discussed this with me and i had done some research before i went to derm. i signed a form had blood and pregnacy test and got the pills.

i started on 30mg a day i weigh 61kg and after first month he increased me to 40mg i get the very dry lips and skin and eyes that also feels that my vision i blurry and foggy which is hard to deal with but the rest is easy with palmers cocoa butter (i have stocks of it).

my derm said i have severe inflamatory acne (sounds important ay) and im now at beguning of month 3 but i cant see much difference they still fill up and throb untill i drain the puss a little but just keep fillin up and the pain is awfull (thighs not too bad) i read all the posts and most people see some improvement by now i just cant see any and am wondering if it will ever happen as i know im going to scar and im not in the habbit of taking my top and bra off in public so no1 will see but my partner hasnt seen me without a top on since march lol

does anybody have some advice - has anybody not seen an improvement untill month 4 or 5, if so please help, i just want to feel normal- none of my friends suffer and im not in contact with my dads family so ask them.

thanks for reading


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Accutane will work. However, for some it just takes time. You sound like you started at a pretty low dose. I started at 40mg and I weigh 52kg (115lbs). A lot of women in the states start at around 40mgs and wind up going much higher to 60 or even 80mgs by the end of their course depending on the severity of their acne and the response time. At your rate - your course should last more than the standard 4-5 months. Stick with it. I know it's difficult. Good luck.

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i thought that sounded like a low dose as when i research it every bit of info states 1mg to 1kg but when i questioned this i got the i know what im talking about coz i went to college uni and med school and im a dermatologist look and youve just looked on google (has anyone ever had that look-it makes you feel 1inch tall and stupid) i had to beg to be put up to 40mg and to be honest im not bothered about some side affects as i just want normal skin (obviously i would rather have no side affects and dont want the more serious ones ever but the minor ones are well worth putting up with to have flawless skin that i dont have to cover from every angle incase someone makes a comment)

although im 28 and already have 2 children i havent really decided if i want more (my youngest is now 5 so i dont think i will) but i know accutane harms unborn babies and im on all sorts of birth control and wouldnt want to have one now anyway but has anyone ever heard of it mucking up the ovaries and that so that you cant have babies at all????????? although my health is more important than having anouther child and if someone said clear skin or a baby i hate myself for saying it but i would be selfish and say clear skin i just dont like the thought of the decision being taken away from me if i wanted another - do you know what i mean.



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Hi kellyhj! Hang in there, it may take a little longer to clear on a lower dose. There are a lot of logs I've seen where people don't start seeing significant improvement until the fourth or fifth month. Some even keep clearing after their course is over. It is hard I know, but the one thing I keep reading over and over is accutane is one of those drugs that requires a LOT of patience lol. I'm a 37 yr old female, just finishing my first month of 40mg and haven't seen much improvement really except the oily face is gone. But still breaking out pretty bad, so I am testing the patience thing myself :rolleyes:

But everyone reacts differently...I know I was also encouraged by logs/posts where people started clearing their first month, some are lucky like that :D Look at the bright side, it doesn't seem the side effects are really bothering you much!

Good luck!

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hi indygal

thanks for the words of encouragement i know it can take time but have you ever stood there in a queue or watching telly and you find yourself analising skin its mad and i get so frustrated that everyone seems to see improvements quickly but im still not im so happy for anyone who gets clear quickly as i know only too well how depressing and painfull this awfull thing is there was one time i could of just cut my breast off (i wouldnt as that would obviously hurt) but i was in tescos cafe with my partner and he opened the paper and what was facing me a pretty with flawless skin page 3 girl and although bless him he was talking to me and didnt even glance i said i wish i had skin like that he looked down and said your much better but i thought he was just being nice and out came the tears and the fact that i wanted my breasts gone how embarrasing there i was sobbing in tescos and telling all that i wanted to cut of my body parts, he comforted me and said im silly but thats how low i got and shortly after that my first visit to derm i got accutane although its slightly easierin england to get it as i didnt wait 30days to get it they done bloods and pregnancy test there n then and i had pills in a week (we dont have to pay the charges here either as we have nhs so i know im lucky) but he seemed to offer this miricle cure but its not doing what it should as quickly as it should........... i know im impatient but iv had acne since bout 12 n i did manage to control it though both pregnancies and all my hormonal times lol but i spose i blame myself for a flare up as it seems i must of done something to annoy my skin (weird i know)

i do feel better knowing that im on the best treatment there is and although the side affects im getting arnt as bad as some dry lips n skin my eyes are really anoying as my vision is blurry and find it hard to read sometimes but i try to just get on as it will be worth it i hope.

how are you finding the side affects??? wot type of acne do you have and how long for??

thanks for listening i do like this site its actually the first time ive felt i can just ramble on and you all understand in someway rather than just nodding n saying ahhhh ohhhhh i know oh dear (lol)

thanks again


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me again

well got the derm tomorrow for more bloods, tests and pills also going to ask if my gall bladder problem could be related, i acually thought my acne looked better to day as they had flattened out when i got up this morning but yet again they filled up by the time i got home from work and after the bath had gone all soggy looking however today is the first day that i got up and they werent throbbing with pain and were full to bursting point, its wield as they are hard lumps under and on top of skin but have a core that fills which when i have given in and had to pick its like an apple with the core removed i can see in it quite deep. allthough they were flater my skin had peeled around them and it looked like i had bad sunburn is that an acutane thing?

they arnt as sore as they have been so im hoping i mite be seeing some sort of result - its gota be worth it in the end tho>

thanks xx

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hidradenitis suppurativa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well went to the derm and suprise suprise he was busy so had off loaded me onto a nurse, good job tho coz she looked at my spots n said it didnt look like acne but it looked like hidradenitis suppurativa and by my blank look she knew i knew nothing bout that

her words were "im not saying the consultant is wrong but im just going to get a diff one for a second opinion" the joys ay - however as usual there was no consultant free so she sat me down n explained a little she thinks ive got a hormone imbalance which may have caused it to appear (my partner thinks shes right obviously for reasons of his own - ie i moan at him when he deserves it but thats my hormones now lol)

although she didnt do my bloods she said they would next time to test hormones n testosterone i dont know why she didnt just do it seeing asthough i was there.

does anyone know what this chronic skin disease as they put it is or how to calm it down im still on accutane coz apparently out of all the doctors and nurses we produce from medical schools no1 has bothered to research it enuf to find a cure as its so rare they didnt see the point but its like acne so they treat it like that.

help pls


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