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How much longer?

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Hi, Well on september 1st I posted about vitamans etc. and diet blah blah..

Well i'm pretty much at the 3 week mark and am thinking about eating food again!

This is what i've been taking:

x1 500mg niacin inos. hexa

x1 zinc 50mg

x1 b-complex

x1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

cleanser + bp

cold showers

I also completly gave up diary this whole time not even butter when i'd have speggetttititiiii!!!

Well basically my face really looks the same as it is, still getting pimples etc. And i'm thinking about starting to re-eat my diary / whey protein so i can start enjoying myself!

I know alot of people will say wow only 3 weeks wait longer but honestly in 3 weeks there hasn't been a change at all what you guys think i should do??

Start eating icecream again or if i want a little longer i might see a change?

*note, i will continue everything else im doing but will just add diary to my diet

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That's good. The other things you should try to get in order (if they aren't already) are reducing stress levels, eliminating sugar/controlling blood sugar and insulin spikes, and getting a good night's rest. How severe is your acne and how old are you?

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i'm 18 year old male and my acne is mild only acne on chin, in between eye brows, and a nose

it is genetic in my family, and i have it the least out of everyone . My brother's face is clearing up and he's 21. He never did anything with his face like wash it or use products! His face was severe and now its like mine maybe a little worse but getting better. He eats shit and lots of it. So im starting to think once i stop growing and my hormones calm down that my acne will go away. I will not stop taking the pills / eating healthy / cleansing / bp etc. But i think im going to start eating normal foods like diary again.

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