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I am 24 & I've never had bad acne just the occasional pimple. A few months ago I started breaking out, I don't know if it was stress, summer tanning, or whatever else. I tried all the brands aveeno, proactiv, Borba, neutrogena, cetaphil, acne free, i've tried benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid... everything. Anything I try seems to make my skin worse and worse. My biggest concern is that I use to have beautiful skin, but now my skin is all bumpy and is covered with super small bumps filled with pus, and some later develop into big ugly pimples. Is this acne? clogged pores? or just irritation for cleansing too much? I use to go to bed with make up on and only wash my face once a day without a problem. Now I wash my face religiously and nothing helps. I have even resorted to taking birth control and that seems to make it worse still. I'm scared to try anything new because it seems like when I do my skin freaks out. I've been taking Vitamin E, a vitamin supplement specifically designed for hair skin and nails, and a daily vitamin mineral supplement designed for women. I'm exhausted and I need relief. My skin isn't painful, just really bad for my self-esteem...

i look like a before and after in reverse! :cry:




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First off, your acne looks very mild, so don't worry too much.

Secondly, you say you've tried "aveeno, proactiv, Borba, neutrogena, cetaphil, acne free, i've tried benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid... everything", but that you only started breaking out a few months ago.

If that's the case, your skin may just be irritated from trying way too many products in such a short period of time.

Acne can take weeks, or even months, to form, so you have to give treatments time to work. If you're only giving each product a week or two and then moving on because it doesn't seem to be working, you're doing your skin a disservice.

You need to pick a treatment, and then give that treatment two or three months to see how it works. You may break out for a while, even after starting the treatment, because the acne that's already forming under your skin (that may very well have been forming before you even started your treatment) will still need to surface. Be patient, and give the treatment time to work.

If, after two or three months, your acne doesn't seem to be getting better at all, you can try a different treatment, and give that one a few months.

Also keep in mind that some treatments can cause purging, which is when the treatment helps to bring the gunk that's forming in your skin to the surface. Some people get upset because the treatment they're using seems to have made them break out even worse, but the breakout they're dealing with may just be a purge, which will clear up. In fact, purging can be seen as beneficial, as it's helping to clear out your skin.

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Hi, (First of all sorry for the long post-But please read it all)

This is the first post I have ever written, I decided to join up so I can reply to you specifically.

I wanted to let you know that I too was acne free for all of my life ( im 30) I occasionally had the odd one here and there but they disappeared within a few days- so I understand what you are going through.

About 8 months ago i started to develop lots of spots on my chin, then they started to grow on my cheeks, I used tea tree to try and get rid of them, but it didnt work, then I tried Dan's Regime after searching for answers, but it wasn't for me, after 2-3 months of using it I had skin that was inflamed, covered in all types of spots from big pulsating red angry spots, to small white spots under the skin it was painful and at the same time I had really dry flaky skin...

I was at my wits end as I had always had beautiful skin and then all of a sudden, almost over night I had horrid skin,

I went to the doctor and she tested me for poly- cystic ovary's, which is a condition that basically messes with your hormones, and a side effect of that is acne, I recommend that you should go to the G.P and get tested, as like you, I never had a problem with bad skin before but a sudden onset of spots in a female who has gone through puberty has the possibility of having this condition.

There is no straight forward cure for this, but I can reassure you that I am on my way to having beautiful skin again. I started to read alot into poly-cystic ovary's and also acne treatments, and I combined the research and found the perfect solution for me which I shall share with you :

-Drink lots of water (I know everyone says this but it is beneficial in the long run)

-Cut out all caffeine, this means tea, coffee, soft drinks and herbal teas , (I usually drink robust caffeine free tea)

-Cut out all dairy (Dairy is basically a 'Dead product' and has a lot to answer for when it comes to acne)

-Use lots of cider vinegar and olive oil instead of sunflower oil in your food (cider vinegar balances your hormones)

-Cut back on eating red meat ( white meats like pork loin, chicken and turkey are best suited)

-Take supplements to boost your diet and nutrition, I take - Omega 3:1, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, vitamin B6, and sometimes a multi vit.

-Take Clear complexion tablets (I get mine from boots) these are herbal tablets.

-Use an antibacterial wash morning and night (I use Clearasil).

-Apply a 4-8 hour spot treatment directly on new spots during the day (I use Clearasil 4 hour spot treatment)

-Slather your affected areas with the same cream at night.

This method has helped me with my acne. and also with the belly cramping poly-cystic ovary's.

Its not an over night treatment, but it gets to work straight away and results can be seen in 2 weeks, and if you keep this routine up it lasts forever with out any harsh creams, chemicals or pills that give you bad side effects.

At the moment I am doing a metabolic typing diet course which is basically a nutrition course with much depth, and You should never ever consume anything that is not herbal as your body recognizes herbal products breaks them down and effectively/specifically utilizes them and since they are not foreign chemicals the liver doesn't work over time to clear them out of the body thus creating side effects.

OH yeah, one more thing, From the regime, and the constant spots that came and went, I was left with ugly scars, I used bio oil, merderma, and tea tree exfoliation, but nothing worked.

The thing that did work for me and my scars was olive oil, but a drop on each scar and rub it in then put your make up on as normal, also try and consume as much olive oil as you can as its so good for your skin, I also bought a home facial tanner machine for £50 which I use every month or so to blend in the scars to my skin tone until they fade on there own.

Good luck Hun, I hope this routine works for you like it has for me.- Fingers crossed xx

Nicola x

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Firstly you are hot :)

Secondly, you are hot :)

Thirdly, your 'acne' doesn' look bad at all :surprised:

EDIT - 24!!!!?

Edited by aliass

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I think you don't have active acne on your face. Maybe you over wash it? I mean, for people that don't have actual acne break outs, even washing twice a day can irritate the skin. So I'd recommend you lay off ALL the products and allow your skin to heal itself. Wash your face with an actual facial product about once or twice a week. No need for more because your skin isn't acne prone from what I can tell by the pictures you've posted.

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