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I need FEMALE advice about birth control and such.

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Hi Ladies-

I am in the process of getting on Accutane and at my first visit my Derm said, I need to get on Birth Control as well as get a Pap Smear done before I get on it. I was really annoyed by having to wait extra time. I did get on birth control, I just havn't gotten the Pap Smear done...yet. At my visit which is THIS Tuesday sept. 22nd I am thinking about just lying and telling them I had it done because I don't have time before Tuesday to do it NOR do I want to!

My question is, is do you think they will need files from the doc faxed to prove I've had it done? I don't know what to do but I don't think I can wait any longer to get on these meds, my skin is unbearable. Any experience with what you had done in your situation?

Will the Derm be checking up with my Doctor about the birth control or pap? I got my birth control through Planned ParentHood (cut the costs) so that is confidential there but if asked to okay a fax of my files I wouldn't know what to say!?

THanks Ladies! Any advice or knowledge will be appreciated! :);)

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Mine didn't check and I specifically asked if they would. They said the program (ipledge) doesn't require them to have any proof of being on the pill etc - but you have to answer the questions in ipledge correctly and be on the same page as your doctor, so the dr and ipledge ask you what you are on for primary birth control and your secondary method (without proof). But seriously, make sure you get that Pap - I know girls who have had early cancer/precancer detected this way. :)

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I am not sure why your derm would tell you to get a pap - did you tell him you are on the pill? If you are on the pill then you must be current with your pap exams. You need to be on BCP as a primary form of birth control for Ipledge. You will need to get pregnancy tests every month - that is an ipledge requirement. You also must wait 30 days being a woman and have 2 negative pregnancy tests before getting your prescription. I am assuming you have the handbook and watched the dvd? That will provide you with all the requirements being a woman - it's a pain but has to be done to get your medication. Good luck.

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Why would your derm need a pap smear? That's odd... I wasn't asked to do that & my derm just took my word on the BC. I would just give it a go & tell your derm what he wants to hear.

Good luck Hun!


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They probably just told you to get a pap smear because most gynos (at least ones I've experienced) won't RX you birth control without some sort of check up. I'm not really sure how you got BC without a pap (planned parenthood?), but either way, I think the real concern here is the birth control.

When/if they ask, just say, "Yes, I went to the gyn and was put on the pill." I really don't think they care about your pap results.

If the doc prods at you more than that, say that you couldn't get an appt for a pap before the 22nd, but you were able to start the pill in that time.

Good luck!

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EDIT: Yes, ok, you did go to Planned Parenthood to get the BC. Don't worry too much about it. Your medical records are confidential. The doc will assume you got a pap anyway because you are on the pill-- most people won't do it in that order.

At some point, you SHOULD get checked out! It's not bad... I had precancerous cells detected at 20 years old. It happens more than you'd think.

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hey hun,

Im sure you will be fine without getting a pap done .. my doctor didn't even mention anything about getting a pap done before i started my accutane. he just made sure i was on Birth Control pills..

hope everything works out for you!


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