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New to the regimen (pics incoming)

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Hello all,

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Vince, a 23 yo french guy. Acne curses me since I'm 14 yo, and is like... a family matter. I am a bit anxious, very active and play sport at quite high level.

I followed 2 courses of Accutane. The first, when I was 18, was effective for 2 years. Then I broke out but just dealt with it. At 22, I took another course of accutane, which was effective, but only for 2 or 3 months. My skin became altered and seems really less strong than before.

My situation is now different. I learnt from experience that there is no cure for acne : it strikes back and back.

That causes a problem with my self-confidence. In sport, and with girls. For years, my sentimental life has been linked to my acne : clean, I got girlfriends, then if I broke out, I broke, went single, because I lost my confidence. I just want to share time, attention, and more of course, with someone without being a slave to my skin.

I ordered 2 weeks ago dan's regimen. My skin was quite clear, with some blackheads, and one or two little papules, but it was because I was on Fucidic acid (an antibiotic) for a folliculitis matter. My dermatologist told me to go for 2,5 % BP, so I went to DKR.

I received my box last week, and was very excited to start on monday (3 days ago).

My first impressions were positive : the bottles look clean, professionnal. I ordered 2 big kits (2 * 16 oz) + AHA & Jojoba.

Monday morning, I kicked in.

My first fear was related to shaving, but it felt really great with the cleanser, plus I use normally a 2 bladed Sensor shaver. So it was ok.

After that, I treated my skin with BP. It felt OK, and the gel fastly kicked into my skins layer. Then I used the moisturizer.

I think the moisturizer is the worst part of the regimen products, but I would give it a 3.5 out of 5, that means, correct.


3 Days after.

First effect : my skin started to become more dark-red, like sunburnt. It now feels itchy, but it s not painful.

Complexion is red, irritated. The old red marks look more red than before. :( It was to be expected, but I didn't imagine it would be so noticeable.

I had a breakout, 2 or 3 pimples came out. It s not really a big issue, but one of them got cut with shaver so I had to clean it properly. I hope tomorrow it will be ok.

I drink 1,5 to 2L of water each day.

Notes :


- taking 1 or 2 serving a day of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate

- taking 1 cap a day of Flaxseed oil

- taking 4 caps a day of Reflex Nextgen Probiotics + Vitamins + Minerals

- taking 5 g a day of creatine monohydrate

for sport needs.

What I expect here ? To get clean, get support, even if my English is not perfect :P

Thanks !

To be continued...

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How much BP did you start out with? I only ask because you seem a little shocked by how red your face is. I want to make sure you didn't start with too much.

And I see that you ordered the AHA, but I hope you're not using it yet--the AHA is too strong to be used when you're just starting. Hold off on the AHA for at least a month.

Some people do purge a little when they start The Regimen. It's helping to pull the gunk that was forming under your skint o the surface. That's totally normal.

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I don't use a lot of BP, just a small amount. It seems to become red when apply the moisturizer, like 10 / 15 mins after putting the BP.

I do not use the AHA yet, I am waiting.

Today, my face was reddish after the morning step, then it cleared.

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Hello there,

Some news : I ve been on the regimen for 1 week now.

My skin is now very dry and quite flaky, even with jojoba and moisturizer. I don't put a lot of BP but I guess it s normal.

I have one or two new pimples today, but nothing really bad. It s on the chin, where I m not used to have them, but my skin seems really dry there. It s surely the second week breakout, so I don't panic :P

I drink 2L of water a day, I hope my flakiness will be gone fastly, and can't wait for the AHA.

Is this dryness normal ?

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Yeah, it's normal to be dry and flaky for a little while when you're starting out. Moisturize a lot. The jojoba oil should help

I just want to say, too, that you seem to be going into this with a really positive attitude. That's good, and it'll help a lot. : )

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