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2 questions, chin dryness, please help!!

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1. I put my 2 pumps of bp on, but it takes so long to dry enough for the moisturiser to not mix in with it, how can i help this?

2. Im not getting any dry skin apart from a lot of dry skin and flakes on my chin, i have cut down on my bp and upped my moisturiser to no avail, jojoba oil helps temporarily, and AHA+ seems to make it worse...

please help :)

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How long have you been on the Regimen? Usually as time goes on and the skin adjusts, the problems with dryness and flakiness get better.

For now, try to reduce the amount of bp you are using and use a few drops of jojoba oil in your moisturizer twice a day. Only use the AHA every 2nd or 3rd night.

See if that helps.

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like 2 months but only now i get dry skin on my chin...

when i use aha + on a night i get way more flakes than if i dont... wierd

any more help/advice appreciated

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For me, my chin is one of my most sensitive spots, along with the corners of my nose. I was getting flakes there consistently until I switched to Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. It completely solved my dryness. However, if I do see a few flakies there, (like after I eat or chew gum) I will often reapply the Cetaphil just to my chin at around midday. Using moisturizer three times a day is perfectly fine. About the AHA+, yeah it may seem like it causes more flakes. I thought the same thing when I first started using it, but it is actually just exfoliating your skin cells. Shaving usually takes these flakes right off, and I also gently go over my skin with a wet washcloth in the shower right before shaving as well. The flakes will eventually stop appearing the longer you use the AHA+.

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