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Should I take this "Skin, Hair and Nails" formula?

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Hi, below are the ingredients for the Skin, Hair and Nails suplement I purchased a while ago. I just want some advice on whether you think that I should take this capsual.

Per Tablet contains:

-Vitamin A 500ug (1,667 I.U)

-Vitamin D 0.33 ug (33.34 I.U)

-Vitamin E 3.36mg

-Vitamin C 20mg

-Vitamin B1 1.67mg

-Vitamin B2 1.67mg

-Niacin 8.34mg

-Pantothenic Acid 5mg

-Vitamin B6 1.67

-vitamin B12 2.67ug

-Folic Acid 66.7 ug

-Biotin 66.67ug

-Calcium 278mg

-Iodine 37.5ug

-Iron 1mg

-Magnesium 33.3mg

-Phosphorus 110mg

-Zinc 2.5mg

-Betain Hydrochloride 8.34mg

-Chlorine Bitarate 25mg

-Cirus Bioflavnoids 8.35mg

-Insitol 10mg

-Manganese 1.67mg

-PABA 8.34mg

-RNA 10mg

-Ruitin 4.17mg

-Selenium 4.17ug

Any advice welcome.


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Iodine.. Don't know how much is bad, but it seems to not be good for most

Actually, from what I've heard Iodine is very important, especially for women, who tend to be deficient.


This poster discusses iodine therapy, and there are other resources on the web. It's worth a look into, as iodine deficiency can cause skin problems.

On to the original question, I honestly really don't know whether it's a good multi or not. I've taken it before, and my nails got really hard (from all the calcium maybe?) and my hair seemed shinier. I didn't notice a difference in my skin, but at that time my skin wasn't so bad so I wasn't really paying attention. Anyway, I would say go for it, and see how it works for you. There sure is a lot in there, seems like you're covering all your bases. Good luck, keep us updated if you can.

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