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Here is a link I found:


This basically gives a home remedy list for reducing appearance of scars. Now scars are scars and pitted scars may never completely go, maybe only with significant surgical procedures, I.e. subcision, skin graft, dermal graft, punch graft, excision, etc. And maybe lasers...

However, are there ways to reduce the appearance significantly and maybe even make them better with time? Skin is a naturally changing part of you and some say you shed and grow new skin almost every 2 years.

So maybe there is a way for home remedies to aid in this process or help with time.

Here's what I know that are facts about what can help acne scars besides surgeries:

-Topical retinoids, (tretinoin cream, Retin A, Tazorac, gel some say is better... than creams)

-Aloe Vera Also

-Keeping skin clear of acne to avoid new scars/red marks

Apparently the best thing to do is take certain Vitamins:

-Most commonly I hear

-Vitamin C and other antioxidants

-Zinc (to prevent new scars?)

-Vitamin A

-Fish Oil

-Vitamin E

I am currently using Vitamin C, tazorac and benzaclin to prevent acne during day time

Taz at night...and a moisturizer from olay with SPF 15 in the mornings that doesn't clog pores and sometimes I use a moisturizer prior to tazorac.

People also say Mederma helps reduce appearance...and CVS has something called silicone sheets for scars...

People say Vitamin E oil helps...but if you have acne prone skin it will probably break you out...so just warning you...

So I am going to continue on my current regimen until my next subcision or dermal graft (had one so far, was good except left me with a small line-like depression which I now have to correct)

Tazorac will hopefully continue to smooth skin and hopefully with time tha twill help and maybe taking Vitamin C, and I am going to add Vitamin E tablets to my supplements and maybe I'll add somethign else like Zinc or something...

And then I will get another procedure and will hopefully only need 1 or 2 MAX because I hate the idea of someone touching my face surgically.

Any thoughts on home remedies for reducing appearance of acne scars????

If I had to guess just based on what I know about science MAYBE aloe can help reduce appearance slightly, and maybe egg whites can help a little bit....possibly honey though unlikely. Aloe and egg whites probably wouldn't break you out either.

Mederma? who knows if it helps I don't use it because it makes me break out, and other scar gels or creams I wonder if they have ever helped anyone do anything positive besides spend money.

I would also advise not to go to dermatologists that have little experience dealing with scarring or lasers...I would look for someone that has experience with them and someone that can tell you in detail what to expect.

Good luck: Share on remedies and your experiences with what type of scars!

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You know what I do?

Get some vinegar and lemon juice, apply on cotton bud, then wipe my face at night and in the morning

Clears spots, zits, and evens out my skin tone

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