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Accutane Dude

How to not make Acne come back after Accutane

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I found this very interesting and I am certainly going to do it after this course of accutane. Right now I am on my second course and I really don't want to go on a third after. I was told that taking 1 pill a week for long period after your done accutane works on preventing your acne from relapsing. It's apparently getting very popular and I am going to give it a try. Let me know what you think

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I heard the following...

1) Accutane takes around three days to leave your system, which is why its so imprtant to not miss a daily dose for too long. 1 pill a week seems pretty pointless if that is true.

2) Taking Accutane for periods well over 6 months can lead to bone deformities which are permanent, and in all probability, not pretty.

3) just how small do you want those oil glands to get? And allowing oil production to start normalising is so imprtant in regards to sun/cancer protection and skin/lip condition.

All in all I'd say don't do it.

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My doctor recommended the same to me. 10mg pills once or twice a week for about a year. I read in health magazines about 2 years ago that this is becomine quite popular, even for people with very mild acne.

I chose not to go down that route though. I have been on Accutane before (40mg for about 4 months), and it has come back. I just don't want to mess up my system any more...especially since Accutane make some people's skin more prone to scarring...as well as many other side effects. My side effects on Accutane were not too bad...but still they were not pleasant.

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I have used this approach myself with FANTASTIC results.

The only downside is that you won't be able to do any surgical

procedures to correct scarring while "on".

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Alot of people do use this approach. But how safe is it to keep a constant flow of accutane in your body? Personally, I would just try to find another safer method of keeping your acne at bay. For most people, OTC's work alot better after the first or second course of accutane.

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Its safe - most doctors that prescribe 10mg daily do not even perform blood tests. Shouldn't cause any problems at all, except sensitivity to sun.

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