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kimminz - hey girl dont worry u are not the only one that cant or wont wear make up! i myself am too scared that if i put make up i will break out or more it will make it seem more noticable. i just cant wait til the day when i can feel comfortable in my skin and nature and clean adn CLEAR! haha.

giety87 - hey! no i havent done up a blog yet, i dont think i will. not my type of thing. i rather relate to other ppl's and respone to them. that and im kinda lazy haha. but anyways, u dont put lotion on everyday?...does it start to hurt and stuff? i know when i put on my lotion during the day and at night when i wake up, its like all gone and my skin is again all flakey and peely. anyways it seems like u r getting some what better :) like u said, it takes time and patient. so thanks for the encouragement :) cant wait til the day we have BEAUTIFUL SKIN! YAY! *highfive* haha.

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Can't believe you had the flu. Hate that. I had it last February and it took me down for a solid month. Of course, I also went ahead and got a secondary infection that required antibiotics. So... I'm definitely glad you're feeling better.

The part about the tops of blemishes coming off and then it just sort of oozes out? Yeah. I really try not to pop stuff, but sometimes things get so inflamed that just by washing my face with a gentle cleanser and toning, I'll pop one. That annoys me.

I look forward to the day when my skin routine is more like two steps.... rather than forty five. I will have so much free time I won't know what to do with! More time to run errands. WITHOUT MAKEUP.

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Day 30:

Hey guys! So today was my appointment with my derm for my one month check up and to get my new prescription. So now my dose is 60mg and yeah, I'm totally excited to be on the full dose now! I am hoping that it will really push my treatment forward and even if I do break out at first that's okay because it can only get better, right?

So side effects as of now:

-dry skin on face (using CeraVe cream instead of lotion and that helps a lot!)

-chapped lips (Aquaphor pretty much makes this not a problem)

-one bloody nose (ewww!)

-a few random headaches

Nothing unexpected, but I am just hoping that my side effects don't get too much worse now that my dose is double what it used to be. :think:

MelissaD: Thanks for always being so supportive! You're awesome!

kimminz: It seems so crazy to me that you're more comfortable without make up, although I do understand what you're saying! So it makes sense...but I wish I was like that, it would save me so much time!! Haha!!

storyofagirl: Thanks for dropping by and being supportive! Good luck with your course!

roselily: Ya I understand what you're saying about following other people's logs rather than starting your own! I was really excited about my log when I first started it and now it is a lot harder for me to get to it as often as I would like to and so I really just end up posting every few days instead! And about the moisturizing, I have started to moisturize more regularly because I've noticed it has given my face a smoother texture. But cheers to clear skin one day! :)

AhMyFace: Oh my gosh, cannot WAIT until my skincare routine is like 2 steps (cleanse and moisturize) and that's it! We'll get there one day, I have faith! Good luck starting your course!

Thanks everyone, you guys are amazing!

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Day 35:

Wow, the days are really flying by! I am super busy with school and stuff so that helps too...but I am pretty sure I am having a little bit of a breakout as a result of my dosage increasing. Last Friday I went to my derm and then Saturday I started on 60 mg instead of the 30 I was taking before. I wouldnt really call this an IB, because it's not like new parts of my skin are breaking out or the old parts breaking out with a significant difference in intensity. But I'd say it's like being at the worse my skin will get...everything gets inflamed and painful. But...this will only last a couple weeks like it did before and then I should be on the road home to clear skin!

Besides that, I am having some pretty crazy back pain...more just like soreness and stiffness but it's like all the time! I specifically notice it when I shave my legs and blowdry my hair because I will bend over for a little while and then stand up again and I'm just like whoa...it makes me feel like an old lady! But I can handle it...as long as it doesn't get any worse.

And, I had another bloody nose this morning in the shower...gross! But it stopped before I even got out of the shower and was fine all day long. Weird...but whatever

Alright, I think that's all for now. Besides those two side effects I am doing really well!

Thanks guys, you rock!


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Is it possible to choke from a bloody nose? I mean what if you're asleep and it starts bleeding and the blood goes to your lungs and well...you know the rest. Just wondering if it happens.

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I guess it probably is possible, but I think it would wake you up before anything horrible happened, given that you are a healthy person. I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this phenomenon if I were you, you'll be just fine :)

I think the main thing here is that to "choke" on something, it goes down your esophagus and surely your cough reflex would kick in. And say for some reason it didn't (inebriation, lack of a cough reflex?) then it is just blood, a liquid, and your esophagus could easy handle this on its own.

Now you were talking about lungs. This is a scary thought, as breathing in blood would be a lot like breathing in water...and not good for you. However, I still maintain that your cough reflex would kick in prior to any of this happening. And your cough would most likely wake you and ta da, everything is all good.

What made you think of this in the first place?

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Day 39:

So I officially have that stupid back of the hands rash that people get. And I have some random dime-sized patches on my arms of super dry skin. I need to moisturize my body now I guess. Ugh...lame!

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Day 51:

Wow...okay so first of all I can't believe it's been forever since I posted. I've been busy with school and everything was kind of the same for a long time just like slightly dry skin and I had to constantly have Aquaphor on my lips. Now it is a different story.

My back is killing me...but I can deal with it. If I wasn't so freaking broke, I would probably go get a massage or go to a chiropractor to make it feel slightly better, but I have absolutely no money to spend on extraneous things, even something like this.

The worst part is my lips though. OMG I don't even know how to describe this. Tiny blisters all over my lips???? WTF??? I've never had a cold sore in my life and they definitely aren't herpetic blisters anyway, but seriously? This is horrible. They hurt, and it feels weird but then I feel my lips with my fingers and they honestly feel pretty smooth so it's weird. It's almost like the how my lips sense things is different now. Like kind of tingly maybe? Oh my gosh, hard to describe and I just did a horrible job of it.

But a girl in my class took Accutane before and she said she had the same thing and she told me to get Dr. Dan's Cortibalm to put on my lips because it has cortisone in it and will help with some of the inflammation. She said once she started using the new lip balm the blisters went away. But ugh, this sucks. If for some reason they won't go away I don't know how long I can take this. I really really really want to complete my treatment but this is miserable. I am using Aquaphor every hour about, and it still doesn't do anything to make it feel that much better. :doubt:

Has anyone else experienced this?

For other side effects...I have really dry eyes now too, but I got eye drops (Systane) and that seems to help. Also, I have had a few more bloody noses at random times...maybe like 3 a week or so. Normally in the shower or when I wash my face or something anyway. And my headaches have gone away totally so that is good.


Horrible lips

Sore, achy back

dry eyes

bloody noses

On a good note, the first snow was last night and it was BEAUTIFUL! :surprised:

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Ouch. I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully the balm she recommended will work out well.

Yay for snow! I think it's beautiful but I absolutely HATE when it starts melting and gets slushy and brown...yuck. Enjoy :)

Take care!

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Hey you sound like your doing really well.

I know what you mean about the dry lips Ive only been on it for like 10 days and they are killing me. Just keep putting on lip balm and creams and keep visualising the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Keep Going!


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Day 59:

Holy cow! I can't believe my first two months are almost over! It's crazy...but for all of you who are on this crazy medicine also...how about winter time??? Ugh...it's so dry here it's nuts! But I guess it couldn't be any worse than taking Accutane before I moved to Chicago, and still lived in Arizona (dry heat) lol.

Anyway, I'm doing a lot better than when I last posted. :D First because my hardest test for finals is over wooo! And second because I have these chapped lips under control again! So, prior to the explosion of blisters all over my lips I was just using Aquaphor. It worked great in the first few weeks of Accutane, but once it was getting colder here and the medicine was really kicking in it was just not enough. I needed medicated lip stuff. Sooo...my neighbor let me borrow some prescription steroid ointment (Triamcinolone sp?) to help me with the inflammation and blisters. Around the same time I orderd Dr. Dan's Cortibalm on amazon.com which has 1% hydrocortisone in it and is made specifically for Accutane lips. So I got my Cortibalm in the mail and have been using it and it helps a ton! It doesn't feel as moisturizing as Aquaphor does, but after a few days of using it, it definitely helped and I am back to normal.

So yesterday I had my check up with my derm, and I went over all of this with her. She kept me at 60 mg, and gave me samples of a different (stronger) steroid to use if my lips got out of hand again. She also gave me samples of CeraVe cream (which I have a huge tub of and use all the time) and of some Neutrogena hand cream which is really awesome too. Bottom line is that I think I have finally nailed down my routine and have all the products that I need to get me through the thick of winter and my treatment!

So, things are perkin' along and I just can't wait until vacation! We have a test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this upcoming week and then class on Thursday and Friday and then I'm free to see my family!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am :dance: I haven't seen my parents since August and I haven't seen my sister since like February or something (I can't even remember!) So this is going to be a good Christmas :)


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Yaaaaaay be free! I hope family visits go well.

And yeah, winter is getting to be a bit much, in my opinion. I'm getting that creepy Accutane hand rash. It just isn't right. I will be taking care of that after a shower. And my lips are still going strong. Got a little dry when we got a sudden drop into the 20s and I wasn't properly armed, but I won't be caught unawares again. Glad you got yours under control.

Congrats on almost being done with month 2! Here's hoping it's smooth sailing from now on.

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Hope all's going well too. I had the weird tingly thing around the same time as you accutanewise. It was like they were vibrating when I rubbed them together. Odd. But actually, now my lips are never too, too dry. On some days I barely apply lip balm throughout the day. I hope this doesn't mean I'm not taking the pills correctly e.g. without enough fat. I'm on a fairly high dose, too, so I should think it would be doing something. Anyway, I guess my point is that your dryness may calm down as mine did. My hips and back are sore a lot though. I don't really mind. Keep us updated, although it's good that you're busy and obviously enjoying the festivities.

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Day 74?:

Holy Smokes. So, I don't even know what day on the countdown (up?) it is because I have been away from home where I mark on my bathroom mirror everyday with the update. So I think it is like day 74ish but when I finally get back home I will know for sure.

So all this family time is starting to get to me. As we speak, I am sitting here listening to people talk about bullshit and I am on my last nerve. :( On a happy note though, I am getting to see my sister and her fiance for the first time in a long time, so that is really fun!

Christmas was fun though, and I got some pretty cool stuff--a new watch and new earrings and a lot of money!!! Just what I need! :D

Other news in my non-dermatologic update...I am getting a new computer and a new apartment when I get back to Chicago. My roommate sucked, so I am getting a new apartment in the same building (because it's right next to my school) but by myself instead. I cannot wait! It's going to be more expensive but a lot more fun, and definitely less stressful! :)

But regarding my treatment, I have no clue if this stuff is working now. I swear, it looks the same (although people tell me otherwise, but I think they're just trying to make me feel better). The dryness is not that big of a deal now that I have my system down for moisturizing, chapstick, eyedrops, and nose dryness. My back is sore all the time, but that sums up all of my side effects.

But, I feel like I am breaking out all the time. I have tons of new little spots on my chin, not really cysts but just normal pimples. They still suck though and I just can't figure out why I am not clearing up. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I didn't bring my Cetaphil face wash with me on vacation, and I am having to use whatever I can find around this house which is not always promising. This is also making my hair dry because my family assumes that I need to wash my hair all the time so they'll tell me to "go get ready" but I really can't wash my hair that often especially with the Suave shampoo my mom uses to stock the bathrooms with. It is wreaking havoc on my goldilocks. Ha.

I am on 60mg and I think I am going to ask my derm if I can up my dose to 80mg next time I see her, which is January 11th. We'll see what she says; she was pretty adamant that I was going to stay at 60mg for the rest of my treatment.

Besides that, things are relatively the same around here (ha!) Basically, a lot of things are changing! Computer, apartment, I have to finally register my car in Illinois and lose the AZ plates :( , maybe a change in my dose? Ugh, oh well.

Thanks for the comments, you guys are the only people that really understand this stuff. :)


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heeey!! i'm sorry you feel like you're still breaking out =[ i was definitely feeling the same around the end of december. if you can try to go on 80mg! it realllly helped me a lot. i'm feeling so much better now! :)

hope everything goes well!

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