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Mike E

Oily and Flaky skin...help !

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Hi I am 29 and I've had moderate acne problems for a long time. I have oily skin also. My problem is that I still have not been able to find a good regimen. The strange thing about my skin is that when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks oily but looks normal. As soon as I take a shower and wipe away the layer of oil ,without even using a cleanser yet, my skin gets flaky. Putting moisturizer over my flaky skin does nothing. It doesn't matter if I use gentle cleansers, because even washing my face with just water in the morning does the same thing. Any ideas??

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Hey, I'm 26 and also have oily skin and trouble with acne. I have found a great regimen and it really has worked for me. You can find out all about it at Beatdownacne.com. (how i got rid of my acne) Anyway, oily skin is caused by a Coenzyme-A deficiency, seriously almost all acne sufferers have a low fat metabolism. Coenzyme-A metabolizes fat if there isn't enough then that fat goes straight to the sebaseous glands. Not going to go into all the physiology now, you can research it yourself. There is a multi-vitamin called "Pure Coenzyme-A" that contains all the vitamin precursors. I am just on B5 but thinking about switching. It works, really, to reduce oil production. Don't know about the flaky skin, maybe your using too much product?

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