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I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences, but I'd just like to let off a little bit of steam..

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with my doctor, having been for yet another visit today. It is quite clear that I have an above average problem with my skin, yet my doctor just continues to dismiss it. If it wasn't for my continued pressure, I doubt he'd have prescribed me anything at all. His best suggestion just seems to be that I should regularly exfoliate my skin. Even when I show him that it is not doing my skin any good at all, he is adament I should keep doing it. But I don't see how exfoliating my skin is going to help get rid of acne?

He has prescribed me the PanOxyl aqua gel and to be fair this has improved the skin on my face but it is simply not practical when it comes to dealing with body acne (it only comes in 40g tubes). So yea, I just feel as though I'm wasting my time. And his body language comes across as though I'm wasting his as well. He hasn't even suggested antibiotics or anything. And I know if I make another appointment he is just going to persist on telling me to exfoliate?!

If I could afford it and they were a bit more easy to get hold of (I live in the UK), I'd definately order some of Dan's products as it seems they work very well for a lot of people.

I'm completely fed up.

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I agree with you in that Panoxyl isnt that practical. I use Dan's BP and its doing a great job. I dont mind ordering it at the moment as I can afford it each month (for now!). Id look at switching to Panoxyl but if I was to buy enough to match the amount that Dan's tubes and bottles come in then it actually works out more expensive! Annoying.

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Would you really recommend it then?

I've read that it spreads really easily, so I imagine it would be easier to apply to the body?

How long does it take to deliver?

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Yup I definately recommend it. Great stuff. Has kept my acne at bay and I have clearer skin than ive had since before I hit puberty.

Only takes about a week to arrive even with cheapest standard delivery. If you order an 8oz tube and two of the small travel bottles then you can escape the import charges (I cant remember whether the charges are based on weight or price- I think its price). It costs about £25 with the postage and lasts me just over a month now im on the full two pumps recommended. If you follow Dan's videos and guide closely then you should see results. Lots of people have had success. It takes a bit of discipline but well worth it!

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