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I dont have much experience on relationships at all.

But I think if someone did dump another person because of their acne than the person wouldn't come right out and say "I'm dumping you because of your acne"

It'd be somthing like "Things aren't working out" or some stupid thing

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have any of your bf or gf broke up with you because of your acne? if so please give me some detail about what he or she think or say. i want to know in case i get into a relationship :wub: but i dont know if i want too. afraid to get my heart broken again. :cry:

It wasnt my directly my acne that split me up with my last girlfriend as I didnt have it at the time. It was the lack of confidence and self-esteem that it gave me. Not everyone suffers from this, and not everyone will have it so bad that it effects others.

It has been fear for me that has stopped me from stepping into another relationship. I feel ready in terms of self confidence- I understand myself much more now and I am clear right now so feeling really good. But its that fear of being heart broken like yourself. I was ripped to shreads my my last girlfriend even after we split up and I really dont want to make myself that emotionally vulnerable again. Its good that we experience these things though as we learn about ourselves, others and life in general, as much as its not nice.

I think if a person broke up with you because of your skin that you shouldn't be with that person in the first place :)

Don't worry about your skin so much and just be you. No one notices our skin as much as we do remember?


You are right Gustaf. If someone is that shallow that acne is going to effect their desire to be with someone then they have issues themselves. They are the same person underneath, which is what matters. We all change appearance at some point in our lives, acne or not.

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