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Haha so my face will be pretty clear but I break out EVERY time after I spend time with my boyfriend. I know that if he doesn't shave, it sometimes irritates my skin, but are there other things that can cause this?

Or does this happen to anyone else?

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I notice the same thing after a few days with my boyfriend..I end up having new breakouts along my lips. I just deal w/ it. lol I try not to wear any chapstick or anything..since it will just be spread around and make things worse.

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haha the funny thing is they're just all over, not around my mouth...I think like wherever his hands have been for a long period of time, I break out haha...

but yeah, I'll be watching the chapstick haha

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Any touching of any kind can irritate the skin. Fingers are also loaded with oils and bacteria if not washed right before touching the face. If your boyfriend is touching your face, that can definitely be a factor in breaking out.

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Definetly that happens to me!!!!!

At first i thought he had bacteria on his face or something that my face isn't used to and doesn't have defences against. Then i thought that maybe its his annoying stubble scraching my face so i'm going to force him to buy an electric shaver or something. But your right about the fingers, too...

No touching face, not with finger or face! no kissing without having shaved immediately before hand! I don't care how annoying it is! their lucky they are allowed to kiss us at all :snooty:

I really wish that men could wax their face, how bad could it be? How horrible is it that hair grows out of their FACE i mean that has to be the worst thing ever! I can't imagine anywhere that it can grow that would be more horrible....poor things.... but i digress...

about hair pulling up, your hair contains sebum oil which causes acne! i have the problem of having it all over my face too... because ironically :( it covers up acne scars sniff...snifff

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