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Just starting the Regimen, need some questions.

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I just got on the regimen (cleanser, treatment, moistizer, jojoba oil), and I've only applied it once.

1. Any general tips?

2. My face looks reallly greasy from the Jojoba oil I'm guessing, and it feels like crap. Should I use less? Can I wipe my face down right now?

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personally i took the BP kinda badly at first as i have acne prone and sensitive skin, and the BP kinda BURNED after i applied it and it was so itchy i felt lke slapping myself :redface:

but now its fine, my skin is smoother and today is exactly 7days since i started the regimen, really glad to see little improvement, although i had a huge zit on my upper lip which hurts so much :think:

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i've never used jojoba oil, but just some general tips ... i'd read info about the regimen as much as i could .. and re-watch the videos a few times. i think it's important to read the testimonials to get an understanding that the regimen works differently for everyone or it just may not work at all.

i think the bp that dan sells is much easier to use than than the on the spot bc of its consistency and how easily it absorbs. i'd allow at least 30 minutes for the regimen when you're first starting and remember to use SPF : )

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