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Ok ladies....I have been a makeup fanatic since I was a little girl and unfortunately makeup was part of my acne problem. But with the help of DK's products and some long years of makeup research I am here to tell you about my favorite, best ever, can't live without foundation/tinted moisturizer.

BB Cream!!!!!!

originally its from germany and then it made its way over to korea and japan and its pretty much the only thing women over there use. The man who created it was a plastic surgeon who developed this product which he called "BB Cream" or Blemish Balm Cream. It was given to patients who had recently undergone chemical peels and laser treatments on their face and wanted to be able to cover up their redness while they healed.

This stuff is amazing! I use it everyday. It goes on super smooth, I apply it with my fingers just like moisturizer after I do my DK regimen. It cover pretty good. I'd say it has ligh-meduim coverage and is totally buildable. It usually only comes in light colors, because being really fair skinned is cool in korea apparently. Anyway the best part about this stuff is it has really great spf and it doesn't clog your pores or make your face look dry or oily or anything bad. It looks like you're own skin would look (if it was flawless that is). It has a nice dewy finish to it. I apply a translucent powder over the top to set it and then go about my regular. It stays on all day and is really easy to touch up if needed.

My favorite brands are Missha M perfect cover bb cream. It only comes in two colors 21 AND 23. 21 is what i use and i'm pretty fair skinned. I'm usually the with in the two lightest colors of every foundation. I use #117 in makeup forever foundation and I think #nc25 in Mac. Anyways my mom is italian and has really olive skin and 23 matches her perfectly. The great thing about missha is that it blends into any skintone. As long as you are within a couple shades of the color it should blend right in. Kinda like that almay stuff that goes on white and adjust to your skintone.

My second favorite (or my new favorite i should say) is L'egere multi white BB cream. It only comes in one shade but like i said it goes on one color and completely adjust to your skin color. Its really cool. I like this one a little better than missha because it stays on longer and has a little more coverage. Unfortunately it has no spf in it. But i don't go in the sun ever unless i'm walking through a parking lot so i'm not super worried about spf.

Anywho just thought I'd get the word out on the acne.org website that there is a really great makeup that is good for acne prone skin.

I've used DK's line religiously since july 2008 and I've been clear since september 2008! Never skip a step. Be consistent with your routine and clear skin will await you. Good luck ladies. If you have questions please feel free to ask me. Or you can youtube BB cream and a ton of reviews will pop up.

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User of Missha's BB cream (i'm asian and use shade #23) since October 2009. Goes on well after DK's moisturizer step, but AVOID going over AHA (dried AHA can be rubbed off easily)

Not perfect coverage but does even skin tone considerably and it's buildable.

Non greasy looking, can be worn for more than 6hrs+

Best part? It's very affordable, just head on to Ebay and see for yourself.

I get a 30mL tube (smaller one) including shipping to a Canadian address for total of $12 Canadian.

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