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Rentin-A 0.01% + Clindoxyl + Doxycycline

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Hey all,

Im doing this for you guys, as well as myself so I can timeline my progress. So heres all about me.. Im 20 years old, Male, with taned taned skin. I've had like a pimple a week all through highschool which didn't bother me at all unitll university when I saw the same people everyday with a pimple everyday. It was out of control. I tried basically everything (benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, ACV, EVOO, salyic acid, caveman.. everything with little relief)

So I decided to go and see a derm, he perscribed to me retinsol A 0.01%, doxycycline, and clindoxyl gel (clindamycin + BP)

Im only taking 1 pill 100mg of doxy a day

retin a at night

and clindoxyl in the morning

So Im at day 5 with no improvement, Ive been alternating nights between retin a and clindoxyl to ease things in.. so lets say this is day 1

wish me luck and a big change... I hate this curse!!!

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So this is apx month 1.. Over the month of september I've had pretty bad breakouts, however nothing that ive never seen before, and I believe the reason my skin was so managable was due to the clindoxyl gel.. Its basically 5% BP and 1% clindamycin and I use it everyday in the morning around 11am and it keeps my face really mosturized.. I can't figure out why.. but I love it! It also helps cover up the appearance of redmarks which is a huge bonus for me cause I'm a guy and don't use makeup. Ive been on and off the doxycycline maybe taking like 4 100mg pills a week. The doxy hasn't helped or maybe I'm not using enough of it... but i try to avoid antibiotics whenever possible. The retin-a has been working like a charm, my face is way less oily during the day, and scars are slowly fading. The overall texture of my skin has improved and its nice and soft to the touch. Ive been keeping a photo log, however the cord for my camera is back at home (I'm in university) so untill novemberish this log will be without photos. I plan on sticking this out for at least 3 months and i'm not sure how much longer i'm going to continue with the doxy and clindoxyl, maybe for another month or so but wish me well.. its going to be a long journey!

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