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Something that worked for me / theory on SEVERE breakouts

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my story"

my acne was very mild. i would get a occasional pimple once in a while, but it wasn;'t that much of a big deal. And the whiteheads i had weren't visible unless i puffed out my cheeks.

I was one of those people who suddenly had a burst of acne.

my first time having cyst/nodules/big huge inflamed whiteheads on my face.

it started around February and got worse till June this year.

Then early in July, i started taking sulfameth. its a antibiotic.

my earlier antibiotics that i have used were tetracycline for 1 month and minocycline for 1 month which had no good results at all.

Sulfameth has decreased my breakouts.

and just like any other regimen that a dermatologist puts you on, i was also prescribed clindamycin phosphate and sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5% wash that im guessing to prevent the bacteria on my skin won't become antibiotic.

don't get me wrong, i still get acne but it doesn't appear as bad as it would. i would say my acne has gotten 65% better


one of my theory for my acne turning severe are from my cellphone. i remember like before my acne turned out the way it is, i talked to this girl i liked from 9pm to 4am in the morning for like around 1-2 weeks.( yeah i know crazy right? lol.) sometimes even longer. You know how there are radioactivity going from your cell phone and out, well i learned that too much exposure of that can actually mutate your skill cells. (i heard the computer can do this to you too and btw i heard this from my sister whos taking DNA science right now haha). Because of a wierd mutation, it somehow made the p acnes stronger or something like that. it might sound stupid but its my guess.

how did i come to this conclusion? because the only cysts and inflamed acne that i had was around where you would hold a phone and my neck. my head has a little tiny whitehead. my chin has no acne at all. and neither does my nose.

My theory is on how mild to moderate acne turns severe in a couple of months. So i still support how acne is caused by genes, puberty, and all that good stuff lol.

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Ok the cellphone causing the acne is correct. But as for the radiation doing that and such, I don't know that that would be the actual cause. Just because there is no conclusive evidence as to how much radiation you are actually exposed to and as to what it effects.

One of the main reasons why cellphones cause acne is because of all the bacteria that is on the phone. Phones are loaded with bacteria. My mom did a culture of my cellphone once, and it was absolutly disgusting. More bacteria was on my cellphone than on our toliet. And then we are putting that on our skin and the bacteria gets onto it. If you clean your phone often or even use speakerphone, you will notice a dramatic difference.

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But the thing is. it got worse and worse. even after i didn't use my cell phone that much.

and during that time i was using proactiv, dan's regimen and nothing seemed to be able to control it.

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Here are before and after pictures of my use of sulfameth

the first one is from may 2nd 2009. and the other one is from september 11th 2009.

you can tell i have some scars, but none of my acne is inflamed as it was. i think just a little bit more healing and i should be as good as new =] ps. i am not breakout free. still have some , but like once a week or less.





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