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inflamed redness around nose does laser cure that?

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im new to this and i wanted to ask what are the results of laser treatmend and how much it cost.Im from LA but i dont think it makes a difference all i want is a cure for my super sensitive skin becuz i dont have acne any more but i i do have some irritation and inflamed redness around my t zone but mostly my nose i dont know exactly what its called, bit I do know why i have it Im 18 now but about 2 years ago ive never had acne before never cared for my skin but when i hit 17 i brokeout i had big zits on my nose cysts and nodules on my nose and i not knowing i popped em and it left me scarred will laser take care of that?I dont know what kind scarring is it i was told that when i popped em i irritatted the skin and it left redness it looks really red evryday in la espisially with the heat. My main question is will laser treatment take care of this what seems to be scarrs from irritated skin when i popped them Im a latino male just to add more info becuz i dont know think what this condition is called and dont have digital camera will laser even out my skin tone and cure this promblem cuz i going to dermatologist to get before the end of this year im so Fucken tired its cutting into my social life and im DepreSSEd but you could really tell that it looks like dead skin or something cuz insted of my nose being even and clean if looks dirty with redness and flat what use to be

big inflamed red pimples or nodules please helm me guys im depressed.

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