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has anyone every mentioned there regimen to their dermatologist?

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1.Has anyone here talked to their derm about dan's regimen to see their opinon?

2.has anyone told their dermatologist that the dkr's regimen is the best regimen he/she has tried?

I am just curious to know the deramtologists responses because derms go to school forever and are so educated and im curious to know if they actually know about this regimen as it seems to work for a lot of people. Thank you.

3. ( just for kicks) has anyone stood up to their derm and said " you should definitley reccommend this regimen to all your patients"

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I lost a lot of respect for derms when one stupidly took me off my medication years ago too early just because my acne has cleared up. I was supposed to be on a 6 month course. But just because it worked early he thought it was fine to take me off. Shortly after my acne came back. Fool.

I would love to tell them and show them what excellent results the DKR has for many people, including me. I have finally found something that has given me full control of my acne and will, in time, give me almost perfect skin. I really dont understand why BP is not prescribed in the form that Dan sells it. It has been the only thing that has 100% worked for me. Ive been on 4 different meds in the last 6 years- 3 of which have worked but often only temp.

Id love to know what reaction a derm would give if you told them about this. Sometimes I think that docs are so up their own a**es that they would refuse to take advise from a patient, no matter how good it is!

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It seems to me that if Dan's regimen has worked for you, then you've probably stopped seeing your derm.

If you've tried Dan's Regimen and you're still seeing a dermatologist, then the regimen probably hasn't worked for you (in all likelihood), and you probably wouldn't be raving about it to your dermatologist.

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Before I started the Regimen, I asked my Derm about Dan's theory of putting excessive amounts of BP on my skin to clear up my acne. He just gave me a look and said "It sounds like that guy just wants you to buy lots of his product". So he was doubtful.. strange because so far it has been the only thing that has worked for me.

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wow guys great responses.. and wow " just trying to sell his product" what a shallow minded dermatologist.. well maybe hes not shallow maybe hes just stubborn to realize that there are some people that do a lot of research before choosing a product.

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I can't imagine doctors/dermatologists would really pass any positive comments on the regimen. Not because the regimen doesn't work, but in their minds they are the professionals and they know best. I think it would touch a nerve.

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He just gave me a look and said "It sounds like that guy just wants you to buy lots of his product".

Haha that did make me giggle. Thats exactlly what I mean in my post. Derms and GPs just dont like being told otherwise. They think they know best! But sometimes they dont. I respect their opinions, but some of them need to realise that they dont know everything.

I guess that's expected. But maybe you tell him/her that Dan sells bp in huge bottles for much less than other over-the-counter bp, he'll change his mind lol

Exactlly. I buy Dan's BP because I cant get anything for as good value for money here in the UK. He puts too much time and effort into the products and the website for him just to be in it for the money.

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5 months ago i was ready to go see a derm for the first to get help with my acne

before i arranged to meet with one i came across this site and hoping this was it, and here i am today acne free, i am planning on going to see a derm to see if i can get anything prescribed for my scars and i WILL mention this to them because people need to be aware that this regimen definitely is worth every minute of your time and every dollar in your pocket

thank you dan !!! :dance:

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