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acne is back after accutane?!

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i went on accutane my sophomore year of high school (4 yrs ago) for pretty severe facial acne - it worked amazzzingglyyy. cleared my skin right up in just a few weeks, i even stopped the cycle early. i was so happy about myself. my skin stayed clear throughout high school but the acne started coming back my freshman year of college. i thought it was just a phase associated with stress and hormones, but it's only gotten worse. i'm now a sophomore in college and not only have it on my face, but my arms, back and chest. this is compleeteelyy stressing me outtt. i would say it's only mild to moderate acne, probably too mild do go back on accutane, but it's still driving me NUTS! i'm not sure if it will ever be as bad as it was before the accutane, but it's bringing back all the frustrations and insecurites i dealt with in high school:(

are there any former accutane users who are experiencing this?

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Hi there. It has been a year. The course cleared me up flawlessly for a year, but I've had to resort to continuous use of Retin-a Micro and Dan's AHA+ to keep the clogged pores at bay. Not only that, but I developed a mild case of perioral dermatisis a few months ago. I could've opted out by taking oral antibiotics, but had taken those for years so didn't want to go that route again; instead, I've been going the topical route of Clindagel. It's slowly getting better and the clogged pores still periodically plague me, but for the most part, I'll take this mild stuff any day over the painful, pus-filled, huge cysts pre-Accutane.

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