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hello all,

I know that everybody visiting this section of the forum is having some sort of acne scarring in their face, and since they came here looking for a solution, it means they are thinking about it. I'm such a person, I have mild acne scars on my cheeks and have tried many methods to get rid of them, but no significant improvement

I'm sure there are many people here like me, but recently, from many readings and searching on the internet, some thoughts kind of jumped into my mind.

1. Acne scars become worse if you keep looking at them. By the very nature of us, we tend to look at our imperfection rather than our good sides, it you have a beautiful face with some blemishes, you tend to ignore your entire face and just see these blemishes while if someone else take a look at you, they tend to see your face as an overall ignoring those blemishes. I know some of you may say you have no idea what you are talking about, especially those with severe scarring, but i'm talking to the majority who have mild to minor ones. Stop looking at the mirror tens of times everyday and just do your skin care routine and get on with life, people will look at you other aspects of you, not just your face. They won't notice the scars anyway.

2. I do believe that getting rid of acne scars is possible. Well, I haven't got ridden of mine yet, so you might say how do you know. I have seen some success stories on the internet of people who have managed to get rid of acne scars to the level where they are barely noticeable unless you get really close. However, the reason many people don't manage to remove those scars is because they are inpatient. Humans at their very nature want to see quick results, if they do a chemical peel, they want to get out of the operation without a single scar on the face! If they do a laser resurfacing, they want it to remove all the scars at once.

It doesn't work this way. From many readings on the internet, getting rid of acne scars isn't a single step solution. You might need to do multiple things combined to get a good results. That include, some laser operations with microdermabrasion and consistent topical treatment like Vitamin C and Retan A. You have to stick to this for a long time and then you will get a good results.

Speaking from personal experience, I've just had a good look at what I have done so far on this issue. I have used many topical treatments and realized that I haven't used any of it for more than two months. That doesn't help, maybe those topical treatments do work, but I didn't stick to it.

Also, I did a peeling operation and I expected that the scars will just go away, it didn't because I had to continue on other treatments after the peeling but I didn't because I thought it doesn't work!

I keep reading (I have used to two weeks, it doesn't work) in almost many reviews when it comes to acne scar treatments, we have to understand that skin repair take a long time by its very nature and jumping from one product to another without sticking to anything won't take you anywhere.

3. Now you might say, what to do now? What's your solution. Well, I don't have a particular solution. I just want to share with you what i'm trying to do. I've done alot of research and met many doctors regarding acne scars. I've learned that topical treatments can reduce the severity of scarring making it less noticeable, but it will not get rid of it completely unless you do fraxil, or other laser operations.

So, I thought, well, it doesn't really hurt much if I take a good routine and stick to it as long as possible and see the results, especially products that are known to help with scarring and face firmness (firm face will diminish the scars, making them less visible).

Here are my findings,

1. Retin A : The only topical product that is proven clinically with 20 years of research to reduce wrinkles and smooth out the skin texture as it accelerate the skin renewal process (acne scarring is usually associated with rough skin texture). it may cause some peeling and itching at the beginning, but it has proven that it works!

How to use?

- You only use this product at night before sleep, start with very small amount and use every other night or even every three nights till you skin adjust to the drug, then you can use it daily.

- While using Retin A (Just like many other ance treatments) your face will be sensitives to the sun, so sun block with SPF 15 or higher is must.

2. Topical vitamin C (mainly l-ascorbic acid as it's the most stable form). Vitamin C is known as a great antioxidant, so it will help the skin to renew itself (along with Retin A). Also, it stimulates collagen synthesis, so with the time the skin will become thicker and therefore reducing the look of the scars.

3. Products with Matrixyl or EGF are known to stimulate the growth and the healing of the skin resulting thicker and healthier looking skin. Using either of them after your skin has absorbed vitamin C should stimulate the skin growth further.

4. Good skin start from the inside. I have some points to mention here

- You could use the best topical products in the world if you don't eat right and if you don't live right, your skin won't look great. Make sure you eat lots and i mean lots of fruits and green vegetables. Take supplement bills if you have to. Just make sure that your body gets enough vitamins. Remember, your skin is not the only organ that needs these vitamins, your eyes, hair, heart, blood, kidneys etc ... all of them need them, so your body parts will be fighting for the food you put on, and if you don't put enough of the good stuff, your body organs will not get enough each, including your skin. (that's why topical treatment is also important here, to make sure the skin gets its full share).

- Stop junk food! your body doesn't need that soda, it doesn't need chips or cookies or any chocolates! Our grandfathers lived long and healthy lives without this stuff, so don't fool yourself now by saying that you need it. Sugar have a significant effect on the look of your skin and also the look of the scars! I've read this in many medical journals and it's confirmed by many leading doctors. Sometimes the scars look worse than they are because simply you haven't been eating right. So, stop eating junk food, and stop eating fried food as well. I know it's very hard to do that, but once you put yourself in a good routine, it becomes easier.

- Run! workout and RUN! getting your blood to move around stimulate your skin and it encourages it to renew itself. Also, when you run your blood deliver all the necessary minerals and vitamins to the skin helping it repair itself faster. That's why you see athletes look great because sport is part of their daily routine.

- Make sure you sleep enough. At least 7-8 hours everyday. I remember one time I used to use topical vitamin C before sleeping. When I sleep enough, I feel like the scars has lessened by quite a bit. because when you sleep enough, your skin tightens itself.

Now, this routine, from reading in many professional skin care website and by talking to my doctor will not get results with 3 months or even 6 months. It will take at least a year. Forget about magical results that happen over night, there is no such thing in skin treatments. You need to be patient and stick to it (or whatever treatment you are on) as it is possible to have that great skin, even with couple of stubborn scars on it, your overall tone will be just so appealing!

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