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Can you grow out of cystic acne?

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Did u all try accutane? Did it not work?

What stuff have you used to help your acne for so long? Just my parents have stopped me from going on accutane, and I dont know of any other options I have?


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Chances are you won't grow out of it imo. I'm 40 and had horrible cystic acne from 13-35yrs old. It was only accutane that stopped the cysts overnight.

I still get some acne these days, but not cystic. Cystic acne is the most evil thing out there, totally destroys all of your confidence after a while.

Don't try and wait it out, it will beat you. At least get to a derm and let them give some advice. Personally I would try and change your diet if you eat crap as well (I used to, and blame a lot on that), try a low GI/GL diet and see how you are after a month or so.

Accutane may well fix it, but try other alternatives first.

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Hate to be add to the above, but . . .

I'm 43 and still breaking out. It's definately hormonal . . . I'm hoping when I grow up and hit menapause, I'll eventually grow out of my acne.

Of course, that will lead to me joining a whole other forum for all the new problems I'll encounter . . .

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