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I picked some of this stuff up today after reading some good things about it. It's the 10% BP one. Well anyway and I've applied it and it hasn't dried my face at all, which was very unexpected. Honestly, the only thing that happened was a bit of a stinging sensation upon applying it but that's it. Now it doesn't even feel as though I've put anything on. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing? It doesn't really feel as though it's actually working where as with the PanOxyl you could feel it drying the spots up almost immediately after application..

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it takes more than a day to get the drying effect trust me. If you keep applying this everyday to your face in about a week your face is going to be extremely dry/cracked/flaky. 10% bp should only be used for spot treatment and not the entire face.

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From the FAQs:

Q: I can't get a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Can I use a higher concentration?

A: 2.5% is best. However, anything up to 5% should most likely be fine, albeit more drying and no more effective. Avoid 10% preparations which will over dry. One exception when dealing with pimples on the back. The skin in this area is tough and may withstand 10% nicely. If you can find a 10% much cheaper, you may want to try it on the back. It will not be more effective than a 2.5% solution, but may save you money.

So why not simply use less of a 10% solution? Through trial and error I have found this does not work. I do not know exactly why using more of a 2.5% solution works better. My guess would be that when you use more of the product, there is more available to be absorbed into the skin.

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Thing is, I didn't even realise it was 10% until I read the back. It didn't state on the front. I just assumed I'd be warned by the person who served me if it was a high percentage. I was just a spare of the moment desision..

Any way I'm thinking of purchasing Dan's gel. I'm finding it difficult to use these products sparingly any way. They only come in 40-50g tubes max, and the gel formulation espescially I'm finding difficult to spread. Having watched the videos it appears Dan's gel goes on a lot smoother and more easily.

Or are there any other BP products out there similar to Dan's?

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