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Flakyness as soon as done with shower

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When I take a shower I use the cleaners, and literally a minute or 2 after patting my face, my face begins to become flaky, and tight, when I look in the mirror I see little white flakes around my mouth and lower cheeks usually. What should I do? Dans regimen says to wait 5 minutes to completely dry my face before using the BP. Another thing is when I apply the moustrizer sometimes it doesnt soak into my face, and you can visually see it on my skin. How long are you supposed to wait between the BP application and moustirizer? thanks

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well i'm pretty sure showering the fact directly dries out your skin a fair deal, so if you're doing that i'd stop! i myself have my regimen seperate to showering (IE after i've showered i'll brush my teeth, pat my face dry then start the regimen).

i like to leave around 15 mins between BP and moisturising. it depends on what you mean by visible- if your face is just shiny, that might just be down to the moisturiser you are using :( however if it's visible white residue perhaps you are using too much moisturiser or you're not rubbing it in enough (remember to be gentle!). i myself use just under a pump and then 5 drops of jojoba oil as a moisturiser.

hope this helps!

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