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OIly skin and a low GL diet helping so far...

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Hi all,

Haven't seen much mention of this in the oily skin forum, so thought I'd mention it, and see if anyone else wanted to try it and see if it helps them. So far I've been on a low GL diet for 2 weeks, and although its early days, its probably the best its been.

I'm now 40, and had an oil slick for a nose for 25 years, only accutane and b5 has ever made any difference (that I've realised).

The "diet" isn't actually too difficult, its basically eating healthy without starchy carbs (wheat, rice, potatos) and sugars, and not eating too much of it (unless you burn off a lot of calories). Making sure as much is "whole" still as possible, and not processed. Theory I think is, that the high GI/GL foods promote an insulin response that eventually promotes more sebum (lots of info on Google out there).

For example very little bread (if you must, have something like Burgen low GI bread), cut out rice (I swap in more green veg), not much potatos, and very little sugary foods.

Breakfast, I would have something like Porridge or maybe eggs/bacon (instead of my old usual cereals).

Lunch, Something like a tuna+veg wrap (instead of a cheese sandwich).

Dinner, Something like stir fry with chicken with lots of green veg, or another meat with a large salad.

Main thing is trying to make sure you get lots of non-starch veg in, at least half of lunch/dinner should have this. The rest can be protein, plus a little starch veg like potato if needed.

Don't each huge portions of anything except non-starch veg, but do adapt if you lead a very active lifestyle (mine is fairly sedentary, working indoors). Fats you can include in your salads for example with healthy fats, rather than cheese or something, but no need to get too many in.

Nothing needs to be avoided "totally", just if you have a chococolate, only have a square, not a bar. The more refined carbs you eat, the more sebum you will end up with, so its a good choice to avoid too many of them, a tiny bit would be ok though, even better if after something low GI/GL

If possible, also do 40 mins walking/running/some other exercise every couple of days, to help improve insulin sensitivity.

I first started noticing a difference after about a week, will be interested if anyone tries it and finds the same. If anyone wants more example foods or resources, I can dig some out as well.

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