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hello everyone!

First of all, im a20 yr-old male college student who has suffered from cystic acne for the past 2 years. I dont have horrible acne but its pretty annoying to have to deal with constant oily skin, and white heads and freaking blackheads grrrr. Not to mention i got it on my chest and back grrr Anyways, I tried all these topical creams, home remedies, and any possible cure for my acne, but nothing worked. Fed up and determined to have a clear face, i have decided to go on accutane. I just got back from my new dermatologist, shes awesome! and a cutie lol she agreed on the accutane, and im ready for it! :]

i will be taking my first pill next week if all the blood tests come out good. I will be taking 40mg for the first month, and well see how that goes! im really excited to get on this journey. Ive lurked some of your posts and it has really encouraged me to go on it. i just hope everything goes smoooth.

so any suggestions? any tips of what to do and expect on the first month?

thanks for reading, and i will be posting as much as possible on my progress! wish me luck yoo! :ninja:

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Expect to have an initial breakout, I know I didn't have one but most people do so prepare for that. Your skin will probably get worse before it gets better so just keep your head up and wait it out. You've probably already read all the stuff about side effects and that so yeah..

Good luck! Post some pics of your progress!

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Hey good luck!

I have been on it for 2 months now i have had No intial breakout what so ever my face is spot free and has been since about week 3. Only thing i can really mention is the dry skin on the nose and chin, dry lips so buy lots of lip care. In the 1st week i did get a VERY VERY dry scalp stoped in week 3.

Everyone reacts to the drug differently so keep an open mind and except that anything could happen or could not happen (side affect wise)

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