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will my blackheads ever go away?

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I think black heads on my nose were the first kind of acne i ever experienced--as early as 12 yrs old. Nothing I do will make them go away (right now they're really the least of my worries, since i have other acne that's way more noticable). I've used biore strips, mud masks, mint julep masks, peel-off masks, nothing seems to work. When i push my nostril up gunk just comes out, and it seems like there's a neverending amount of stuff in my pores. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I would suggest a well formulated BHA product (salicylic acid).

Some options to consider: Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment, or one of Paula's Choice many options (depending on your skin type, and if you don't mind ordering online).

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That was my first acne too in elementary school

I used the biore strips, the mint julep mask and they didn't work either (but the mask made my nose very soft :D ) I used a scrub made them less noticeable I was using it every other day but made my nose irritated because of the biore strips I had used so I stopped. During this time I was using Differin 0.1% but I was using it every other day because I was trying to make it last till my next derm appointment.

After using Epiduo(benzoyl peroxide and adapalene) everyday for a week the black heads got less noticeable and I gave the biore strips another chance and it took out like 30% of them so don't throw them away use them after you use acne medicine or something that makes them shrink. They also shrunk with other acne medicines with Benzoyl peroxide I have used. Also I am not sure if they are sebaceous filliments or blackheads after reading about it on this forum.

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