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Hey All,

Im browsing this forum for about 2 months now, and it seemed fair to share my experience with you also.

I started having acne at age 14, it was really baaaaad back then (stress maybe becuase parents divorced) .. i mean really like... aaaa look at that poor kid.... And is was also on my back and front. My derm gave me a something of an alchohol like fluid which i needed to apply with dry cloth... but that made it worse and made my acne look very red. I never wanted to go to the @#$$%&^ derm afterward... he dint seem to care anyways.. So i learned to deal with it a bit and offcourse you kinda learn how to treat you face etc and it did get less. So at age 26 i still suffered acne and it was still pretty severe it was very visible but i usually had only a few pimples on my face. and my back never was clear...

So you can all understand i have very low self esteem and off course dont really dare to act up to girls. im not a virgin but i dont really enjoy sex the way i should because im constantly thinking about it. like when a girl touches my back or something.. aaaaa yukkkk....

So i got to a point i was really sick of it... so i started to exercise 3 times a week. eat nothing but healthy food and quit smoking...

It didn't show any result, but i guessed it would take some time off course for my body to adapt. But then it happened... I came back from snowboarding and became very ill to a point i got hospitalized... i was diagnosed with Colitis ulserosa (a bit different than chrone disease). which is an infection at the intestines.

So that was a major setback, after spending so much effort being healthy i got really sick. And then after 3 weeks in the hospital i suddenly realized after i could walk and saw myself in the mirror that all ACNE was gone......

I WAS LUCKYYYYYYYYY .... sooooooo Very lucky....... that the biggest issue in my live was finally gone... i couldt find a single spot on my face or back anywhere.. i felt my self esteem growing... i saw poeple looking at me very differently...

but it didnt lasts long. for the colitus ulserose the dokter perscribed Prednison ( the cure all infection drug) which is basically a hormone... after being on prednisone for 3 month my acne came back more aggressive then ever before... now i have it on my back\ lower back \ chest \ shoulders and arms, i even had a few on my hands.... come ooooon for realll.... my hands even ??

I know im an exceptional freak because even the derm said WOW.... when i took of my shirt.

To add a bit to my complexion i am going on vacation next week to a very hot destination where everybody is swimming and walk around without shirt on.

I agreed on going there when i was all clear. it would be my first vacation where i could actually fit it without worrying myself.. now its even worse..

I'm thinking about it all day long and its tearing me apart..... i don't even to go on holiday anymore.. i can already hear the voices.. why don't you take of you're shirt, come swimming etc etc.

So that's my story, don't really know why im posting it but thought it might be helpful to someone. i know i sometimes find some peace of mind when i check on pictures of poeple clearing up nice. or stories..

Sometimes i even feel better when i read something of someone who is even worse than me.. although i haven't find (m)any.

Or get pissed about girl\guys who make a huge drama about 2 or 3 measly zits... off course i understand it bothers them but for me its still a dream to have that result.

So now i am on roaccutane. only 20mg a day becuase im heading to a sunny destination (if i decide to go).

I also use fish oil, because i read i could help with dry scin etc.

So anyone had the same experience ?

Prednisone and mesalasine -> acne -> Reoccutane ?

Becuase i was wondering if messalazine could be the cuase for this aggresive acne. Or that maybe taking one prednisone pill would help.

At leasts i have learned to play the guitar with spending so much time indoor this summer... hence the nic name learnedguitar


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Get your ass to the beach. Go have fun and soak up the rays. If you are that uncomfortable, leave your shirt on. Overweight people do it all the time! Hell even skinny people do it...why do you think us girls buy sarongs and fancy cover ups and all that stuff for beach trips? Everybody is self-conscious about something. And if it REALLY bothers you and you want to shut people up, tell them you have a history of skin cancer! I've avoided my friends for the past month due to acne and you know what? I'm a freaking moron for it. You don't need to be one, too.

Besides, most girls dig guys that play guitar.....brush up on Stairway lol

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