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Where does one get probiotics?

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Are probiotics prescribed, or is it something you can find at a drugstore?

And are they supplements, or an actual medicine? Do you take them with antibiotics together?

And like in my topic description, their purpose is to counter the harmfulness of antibiotics, are they not?

Sorry for all of the questions. I just started minocycline today, and I'm worried I'm going to permanently weaken my immune system or something (the strength of which I've been very fortunate to have; I only get like one fever a year and that's it).

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Probiotics are not actual "medication." You can find them at your local drug stores, some contain different amts/types of active cultures. I suggest using one that contains acidophilus. Also, be weary of anything that claims to contain more than 1 billion cultures as its not likely to be able to count past the millions mark. As far as when to take them, I'd plan on taking them either 2 hrs. before/after your antibiotics. Don't be afraid to take 2 or 3 a day either. They really can't hurt you.

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Okay, cool. Thanks!

I have some more questions, though:

- Any particular brand you recommend? Are they expensive? Do you pay what you get for?

- Is it safe to eat together with food? Minocycline doesn't allow for food 2-3 hours before and after (at least, that's what my prescription paper says). So if probiotics doen't allow it either, that's like six hours in between meals all the time.

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I have used multiple brands, some are more effective than others. Expect to pay anywhere from 6-20 dollars. I suggest the brands "Pearls" and "Accuflora." However, it's best to try multiple ones to see what works best for you. Like I said the most important thing is the type of bacteria, with acidophilus being the most effective. You can take them with food. You can also take Minocycline with food as well, if it upsets your stomach. Just avoid dairy and calcium/iron suplements when taking minocycline, as they decrease its absorption.

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