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Swahle Jorktah

Does Sulfur&Resorcinol cause wrinkles? Can I use with Retin-A?

I've been using Retin-A for about a half year now with some pretty good success (my acne was moderately severe). However, I still get breakouts, and since I only use Retin-A at night, I was looking for something to use during the day that may continue to improve the condition of my face. I decided to pick up the adult acne medication from Clearasil (with sulfur and resorcinol listed as the active ingredients), and I've been using this on my face in the daytime.

Is this okay to do? I know you aren't supposed to use them together, but I'm hoping that even using them around the same time won't cause any problems. I'm not worried about the irritation factor -- my face is an oil slick, and it never seems to dry out or get irritated.

Also, there is some literature out there that suggests that Benzoyl Peroxide is bad for the aging of your face (i.e., free radicals, yada yada). I wasn't able to find anything out there like that about the sulfur/recor combination. Does anyone else have any information on these topics? The great thing about Retin-A is that I really do hope that it will combat any wrinkles that may choose to present themselves when I'm older (I'm currently 22), and I'd hate to be using a product that does just the opposite.

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